Jingzhi zou jie “the grand master history: 1949 years later, jack is classified as rogue

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the movie grand master selected the early years of the republic of China to the time background of the 1950 s, with wing chun (IP), bagua (gong, palace haneda), octupole boxing (sight) and xingyi quan (3) the four major practiser of the basic context construction of wulin panorama of the republic of China. Which involve the Chinese warrior, the central martial arts hall, martial arts hall of guangdong, southern, northern north punch guru south history such as nouns, the Beijing news reporter interviewed the movie screenwriter hao-feng xu (act as advisors to martial arts), jingzhi zou for readers to read the history behind the film.

the original master south, Hong Kong and pass on

the Beijing news: why focus on “the grand master of wulin?

hao-feng xu: two climax of Chinese wushu one in tang dynasty, one in the republic of China. Tang dynasty basic everybody kung fu, but no one craft, equipment reached a peak at the time, including li bai describe themselves as long as you give money, I can kill for you, his strength is fencing. Then nearly six hundred years of the Ming and qing dynasty folk ban wu, ordinary people is hard to know the use of the weapon. So when military power in the late qing dynasty is the most weak peak in the development of boxing. From the point of record, the late qing and early republic of wulin combat level is quite high, up to date and then went away at that time, popular challenge each other. Don’t use generational to suppress, young to become famous, then you can go to play; Disciple beat teacher, took the master life fame, is actually thanks to the teacher.

the Beijing news: why is the north guru when collective south?

hao-feng xu: one is the national government period, and then went to build the country, jack and yuen mostly concentrated in the north, the emergence of trains and ships to make the transportation is convenient, a large number of jack unemployment is at the south; Is the second time in 1949, when the boxer mostly associated with the army, different boxing is probably because of different backgrounds, some south to Hong Kong or go abroad.

jingzhi zou: 1949 years later, and then went in mainland seems to be closed. At that time, a & other; Rich against bad right throughout &; , now, people are ascribed to the rogue, fighting, an accomplice. Hong Kong becomes a martial to the land, and then went so a street is the scene of a lot of martial arts feelings are slowly up at that time. Later, wu yong chun quan from abroad, also is Bruce lee, relying on Hong Kong as the springboard and slowly go out.