Ji’s morning mist a meal to eat several catties ham NianGengYao eat meat for a head of cattle

between Ming dynasty and early qing dong small like a legendary woman, also a gourmet.


a bowl of starch is a favorite of general NianGengYao meat.

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it is pleasure is one of the important indicators of well-being, and this pleasure is not necessarily from delicacies, such as shark’s fin bird’s nest, maybe just a plate of chicken feet, perhaps is a bowl of Fried rice with egg, even just a Popsicle, let you feel life with relish, although NaMianWang joy of not easy also.

so, the taste of happiness is not to say that eat expensive, but ate right, what for? Appetite to himself, for his temper, and even of his own life experiences. More than grassroots, heroes and beauties.

light flavor type:

food generation of the wind, do not eat food

know little wan dong? Even if you haven’t seen the history, also should have seen liang “seven swords of tianshan, small wan dong is a great beauty, Ming & other; Beside qinhuai eight yan & throughout; One of the.

know little dong wan is the kitchen god? She is a dab hand really, do a food, the food will follow her surname: she made of sugar, the sugar is called & other; Dong sugar & throughout; ; She do the meat, the meat is called & other; Dong meat & throughout; . Still in jiangnan.

folk popular tea rice in soup

know little wan dong never do eat their own food? Make every effort to make her to food, only to give her the talented husband & ndash; & ndash; Take BiJiang, she also don’t touch.

in “qing tares class notes” & other; Diet class & throughout; Record: tung beauty never eat sweet food, fat and other Small wan dong indifferent, in fat food, nothing good. Throughout the &;

the original, beauty character indifferent, the taste is too indifferent, it seems, she wants to eat with his character.

character indifferent to the beauty of what to eat to live up to his own disposition? Really, how can think clear barnyard grass class notes record: dong beauty each meal with a pot of warm tea digg it cooked rice, and then put a few root water dish, a few grains of sweet lobster sauce, a meal so done, basically every day, don’t know this is diets, or beauty meal? To offer full table delicacies to husband, oneself tea rice in soup, such as economical eyebrow in the United States can only across to ancient to find?

to tea rice in soup, in fact, in my life in central hunan is very popular, there is a great aunt liu, surnamed zhu, years (1898), the movement of the 21st century living, all the year round with strong water gruel, combined with lobster sauce, ate with relish, from eating in the 19th century to the 21st century.

when the old man’s house, but deathless my renown, a full face of dance the peacock, according to people, and eat tea rice in soup have relationship? Dare not say.

for friendship remind, tea rice in soup is not necessarily a beauty meal, more is not necessarily a longevity meal, if according to this law, or lead to malnutrition, small wan dong Ming dynasty big beautiful women and my great aunt, that had cannot be responsible for you.