Ji’s morning mist profess creeps reborn: every day must and several women intercourse (FIG.)

ji’s morning mist (figure)

in this paper, from the feeling and color in Chinese culture, wang jia the spill, new star press

Five royal


personal endowment is different. Ji’s morning mist has said he is reborn creeps, when rice, with meat only on weekdays and not to eat meat, and every day and several women intercourse. Even into the forward in time, back at home, at noon, at dusk, again again before he goes to bed at night. This five times a day, it is essential, as for the other time the casual mood and intercourse, also in much.

in addition, yuan mei said he also maintained that unless sick, otherwise all women. The two men are lewd, but also can live a long time. Often hear people say & other; Color of colored f & throughout; , like pornography, also need to have this aspect of the capital, it makes sense. (qing & middot; Mining Heng son recoil locust)

on both sides not men

there are a host not seduce one domestic hierarchy in the home, ignored the domestic hierarchy. The host said angrily: & other; If you refuse to again, I will beat you. Throughout the &;

domestic hierarchy to husband crying, the tears are drunken husband, angrily said: & other; If you dare to do: I’m sorry, I was alive with a knife cut open your chest! Throughout the &;

domestic hierarchy angrily said: & other; Promise not to allow all is dead, that is first dead forget it! Throughout the &; Results themselves commit suicide by hanging suicide. The rulers to autopsy, body can’t find the scar, and master of her evil also dead men tell no tales, and dead beside her husband again, can’t blame the master, finally dropped. (qing & middot; Ji’s morning mist “micro thatched cottage reading notes”)

zhen tong and women

60 years, jiangnan, after having obtained outstanding local surnamed cheng scholar, more than 40 years of age, the first test has been into the sat, until midnight suddenly exclaim voice, as if had a disease. With him, a man was concerned him, but he bowed their heads and should not be. Not until noon the next day, cheng are pack basket, ready to “t leave the room.

with the number of candidates don’t understand its meaning, took his garments, Cheng Sheng said: & other; I did a bad thing, is now over. I was not at the age of thirty, has opened in a bourgeois family was staying, students have four, is the master’s sons and nephews. , one of liu students year 19 years old, it is very beautiful, I like in my heart, want to and his struggling, but no chance. The tomb-sweeping day, the students are all at home the grave, only yagyu and my company. I wrote a poem he tease him: embroidery is by who lay, meet their own cause. The flared in yushu, sheu shelter. Yagyu saw flushed, the poem knead into a ball and swallowed into the belly.

at that time, I think he is also interested in, then invited him to drink, wait for he drunk, he and I do the backyard of the play. Even, yagyu wake up and know have been sexually, I sad cry, I after a comfort to him, and fell asleep. Think of the morning wake up, only to find he had hanged himself in the head of a bed. My family don’t know him at the bottom, suicide, also dare not say, can only secretly conceal.

but last night into the examination room, I saw willows are sitting in the room, beside one of the officers. He will be my and yagyu together to hell the nether world. I saw an official sitting high in the class, yagyu complained to him, and I also plead guilty.

in the end, the officer judgment god said: according to the law, bugger mutatis mutandis to filth into the population, judgment call one hundred big board. You’re division as a man, but you are wise, should been found you hit instinct two list of high school, and have GuanLu, now all stripped. Yagyu refuses to argue that he should be a life for a life, only got the rod, punishment is too light! God officer says with a smile, although you dead, but after all, is not killed by cheng. If it is because of you cheng not to kill you, that will be a death. And born a man, you are the mother should be cherished, the body is a great responsibility, of any woman how to learn, ready to ashamed and resentful suicide? Since the ancient times, the court only praise women, but I do not praise her virginity. Saint legislative meaning, why don’t you think carefully?

yagyu listened very regret later, kept his chest with both hands, and tears. Officer smiled and said, god see you pedantic formality, punish you reborn to Shanxi Province jiang good home, next life to be a feast of women, keep the door of a boudoir, for him to enjoy the court’s praise. Sentence, I was played in one hundred large plate, back dead. Now I am part of the body pain, can’t composition, composition cannot list, don’t go what are you waiting for? Throughout the &; He then gaunt groaned left. (qing & middot; Yuan mei son not language)