Ji’s morning mist with and gentlemen and scoop up: holy grace as soon as possible There is no conflict of interest

(jiaqing four years) in the first month in 1799 AD, Beijing north wind roar, the great qing empire stands on the event: the third day, the emperor’s father died; 4, ten thousand under a corrupt stripped GuanJue; Eighth day, ho-shen lose freedom, 18, ho-shen was several feet white silk hanged in a prison. This fully demonstrated “good song” in the words: & other; Eventually the hate together without much, close the eyes and the long & throughout; . This gives birth to another common saying: & other; Ho-shen fall, jiaqing eat & throughout; .

so, ho-shen, who died, ji’s morning mist behind the next set of hands? In the TV series TieChiTongYa ji xiaolan, old age and in-fighting and adults can never die. There are, of course, not to mention the other TV prime minister Liu Luoguo, the reason to say to liu yong, because want to compare. Ji’s morning mist pestle beside liu2 yong, helps us to understand his & other; TieChiTongYa & throughout; What is going on.

ji’s morning mist ho-shen bucket?

ji’s morning mist ho-shen bucket? I think the fight is not up, the relationship between ji and ho-shen, probably belong to the conscious.

a disdain. They really start to work with time, is about 1776 years (forty-one years of emperor qianlong’s reign). This November, ho-shen, who served as vice President of the historiographers, ji’s morning mist is “ku” general code, co-chaired the editing work. But before that, ho-shen, who have served as a queen bodyguard, intermediate with don’t of civil-military, han and three gap, such as the age disparity. At the time, ji’s morning mist is reading a learned scholar, 52, ho-shen is only 26 years old.

2 is not afraid. Ji’s morning mist holy grace as soon as possible do not lose in the declaration, in addition to be in-laws convicted involved and there was a fallen defensibly urumqi experience, other time is basic in the king’s side. Qianlong evaluate his & other; Knowledge element, be outside, turn can do throughout its director &; , so to leave him; Jiaqing evaluate his & other; Sensitive and studious to text, with zheng throughout all of &; , so want to use him.

in addition, in more than twenty years working with ho-shen, ji’s morning mist twice, after having obtained the examiner, metropolitan examinations for six times for the military to the interviewer, one’s intimate party followers and students all over the world, raise your hand is cast sufficient can affect the shilin, ho-shen where dare to provoke ji’s morning mist?

three is no conflict of interest. Ji’s morning mist with its romantic character, Confucianism elegant temperament with people, understanding, rarely to upset people, he is not openly offend the declaration. And ji’s morning mist throughout his life only two things done & ndash; & ndash; Presided over the imperial and editing.

official has a record of liu2 yong offend ho-shen

liu2 yong’s situation is similar to ji’s morning mist, such as liu yong’s 31 years older than ho-shen, liu2 yong torre is generation together Liu Tongxun, well-respected. In general, ho-shen, who also won’t easily to provoke liu2 yong. Liu2 yong in personality than some ji’s morning mist upright and outspoken, so the official’s true have & other; Liu Luoguo & throughout; Screwing ho-shen records. Like qianlong 47 years in April, suggestion and Qian Feng and illegally shandong governor cathay Pacific, the cathay Pacific is ho-shen sidekick. Liu Yongfeng purport to examine in cathay, strongly support Qian Feng out advice, eventually toppled cathay Pacific, sinned against ho-shen thoroughly.

ho-shen who died of hand

& other; Ho-shen fall, jiaqing eat & throughout; , who benefit who is suspected, jiaqing difficult to take off the hook. But the jiaqing have helper? Total can casually cut ho-shen head? Somebody has to cannon dozen ho-shen command, first emperor to find excuses clappers decisions. Who is the first fire? The indications are that liu yong is possible.

first, liu2 yong with ho-shen is his opponents, an integrity and honest, a corrupt big corruption.

second, starting from the qianlong 46 years, liu2 yong basic dry are DouChaYuan left empire and official department job of ministers, designed to make official discipline and the appointment or dismissal of personnel selection, and ho-shen right to handle, he wants will encounter great resistance, there appear a variety of conflict is inevitable.

third, first illegally ho-shen lawless person, is to give the matter Wang Niansun, this man was an old subordinate of liu2 yong, liu2 yong do DouChaYuan left empire, seems to have the friendship of teachers and students, between two people is a similar character. In addition, Wang Niansun is ji’s morning mist protege, and ji’s morning mist is father Liu Yongzhi Liu Tongxun protege, the relationship cannot be ignored.

4, jiaqing and has a good personal relationship between ji’s morning mist, liu2 yong. Jiaqing respect ji’s morning mist, but never discuss military and political events, Liu Yongze is different, he has rich experience. Seven years jiaqing (1802), jiaqing drive luckily jehol, life Liu Yongliu Beijing host failure. That is to say, jiaqing ho-shen discontent, may inadvertently reveal performance or directly to liu2 yong.

contact, if not directed liu2 yong to jiaqing ho-shen, they had died if it weren’t liu2 yong borrow qianlong of impeachment ho-shen directed Wang Niansun again, it is difficult to understand the Wang Niansun come from the courage. Qianlong was alive, he why not to impeach shape? Qianlong died the next day, he went out? Age gently Wang Niansun how can know jiaqing hated ho-shen?

five key, ho-shen party stooges, ShanQuan take bribes, liu2 yong, etc are specific verification is dealt with by order.

that is to say, ho-shen article 20 big sin, liu2 yong and the Wang Dachen in jiaqing behest to comb out, as for the qianlong testamentary edict what, just an excuse, are directed by the emperor’s supposed can be killed first.

ji’s morning mist this time doing? Organize the emperor qianlong) records pavilion, is local, busy looking for writers choice, ready to write the memoirs for the qianlong emperor, he is no time to participate in probing ho-shen case.

& other; TieChiTongYa & throughout; Is decoration?

since ji’s morning mist with ho-shen, who died of hallucinogenic, neither is the man who laughs last, that he & other; TieChiTongYa & throughout; Not into the decoration? Not always, just bite the object with the plot of the drama played are worlds apart.

what call & other; TieChiTongYa & throughout; ? There are two meanings. One is articulate, knowledgeable, speed of first-class; The second level is to point to will, such a person one thing at a time, have to be done.

apparently, ji’s morning mist & other; TieChiTongYa & throughout; Belong to the former, he didn’t bite, lifetime all bite books; While Liu Yongze belongs to the latter, even though he is the label & other An & throughout; .

ji’s morning mist age had made elegiac couplet cloud: & other; Fugitive dust, vips with hagdon, life and death books like a bookworm & throughout; . & other; Bookworm & throughout; Use image and book worms, don’t eat books?