JiuXun folk song “king” to his wife to sing love songs Pen can write folk songs

love singing folk songs of CAI old

in liyang city in southwestern club in zhu town song village, has a ninety – year – old & other; Folk song king & throughout; Filled his stomach, his name is Cai Chongfu and folk songs.

CAI old home is very humble, but on the wall hangs a compelling plaques: & other; Folk song king & throughout; . & other; Although I’m ninety years old, have very good memory. My father taught me and his 11 sets the folk songs, folk songs written about one thousand more than the first. Encounter sad thing and happy things, I like to sing two sentences, sing a momentum. Throughout the &; CAI said.

CAI old ancestral HuangChuan, henan hometown encountered natural disasters, six years his father fled to the club in zhu and drop off. CAI old had three sons and six daughters, four generations, is now a people, ninety-eight people. However, ninety – year – old CAI look only at the age of seventy. Reporter sees his calligraphy written neatly, just ask him to write a song on the spot, CAI old two words didn’t say, get a pen writes, & other; Folk song how how, don’t sing well not for long moss. Well tao and again out of the water, from the three high skills. Throughout the &; Finished, he sang is colorful.

CAI old said, when I was a child his father taught him to sing folk songs is mostly criticized the old society. After the liberation, he made up a lot of the communist party, sing praises of the new society folk songs, there was a song he sings: most & other; The poor man rolled river, from day to day life. Du kang wine to drink every day, on the dish to eat. Throughout the &;

CAI old wife died three years ago, even though their children a lot, but he likes to live alone. He told reporters: & other; I have a garden in front of the house, the house has a garden, go out to the south with grain. Think his wife will sing a song of love, the mood immediately refreshed. Throughout the &; Reporter saw, a south Korean scholar also for CAI old inscription: & other; Throughout the song man, ten thousand generation inheritance & southeast; .