JiuXun old man multidisciplinary lecture ten years were great grandma “outstanding students”

city evening news reported, 7, weekly cultural hall of changchun city of jilin province library classes. Dressed in red down jacket at 9 am, a man came to the lecture hall early, quietly sitting in the first row. Old man called Qian Baoqin, in less than a month of time, she is 90 years old, is the oldest student here.

money grandma said, when I was young, she used to be a music teacher. Everyday, in addition to teaching, she is fond of reading.

in 1979, money to grandma is retired. At leisure life after retirement, however, she is a little not too orientation. & other; After retirement, I became a housewife, every day to stay at home feel the in the mind empty, always wanted to do something. Throughout the &; Grandma said that money from then on, she began to see the teacher, learning vocal music.

for life now shuttle in the lecture hall, grandma said: money & other; On one occasion, I saw the newspaper news, says it is library culture hall, particularly wide range of aspects, and course I sought to listen to, I didn’t think this is more than a decade. Throughout the &;

gradually, grandma money figure appeared in the more and more on the lecture hall. & other; Basically have a full schedule every day, there is about keeping in good health knowledge, there are about history and culture. In a word, I love listening to what they speak. Throughout the &;

in addition to listening to lectures, singing, photography, grandma, ride a bike, writing is money interests. & other; Good day, I often ride a bike around, to go to the lecture sometimes also ride a bike. Throughout the &; Grandma said that money.

your run go outside every day, grandma said money, natural is very worried about her children. But in order to make her happy, family is very supportive.

the money back to reporters grandma sang a song in Japanese. & other; When I was young I studied Japanese for two years and 6 years English, but now I only remember a few simple words. As soon as I learn happy, happy it is good to the body’s natural. Throughout the &; Money grandma optimistic, studious attitude infected with a lot of people.

Internet voice

@ Jiang Xipei: love of learning, eternal youth, to the & other; Students with excellent grades throughout my grandma &; Learning.

@ Zhang Yijun: grandma terrible! A person is ageing, see mood rather than age!

@ hou Lin: fulfilling in later life more young let the old man.

@ her write painting: not afraid no close relatives, and they were afraid to old soul. Yangxin ratio what all important.

@ DuBuChenShi: in the process of our life journey, only keep learning progress. Progress can also prompt self health of body and mind!

@ Yolanda river in the snow: I hope you can like grandma spent enrich life!

@ laoshan a ladle 9: your behavior, make the many young people.

@ Lenka – T: hobby would, of course, than the task too much easily.

@ sina shanxi changzhi channel: students with excellent grades grandma said: & other; As soon as I learn happy. Throughout the &; The decadent in front of the computer game + video low-achieving students, today did you again & other; Faggots & throughout; ?

@ Alex guido cloth: have two 60 – year – old to that day and we listen to calculus, saw them from the inside of the bag took out the textbook are yellow, I was touched by the moment.

@ small cat ying _ZY: well I hope my mother can like the old woman happy in old age.

@ 3147528141 mobile phone users: live and learn, despise ourselves, to learn from you! (xiao-long Chen finishing)