John? Lennon a tooth is being put up for sale at 16000 pounds

John lennon

one of John lennon teeth will go under the hammer in the UK on November 5, it is understood that lennon this tooth is expected to be photographed sixteen thousand pounds.

it is understood that in the late 1960 s, John lennon Surrey in the UK live in Kenwood, send the tooth to the housekeeper Dortmund – plus leite. Lennon was added, will let the tooth away, but knowing that the great daughter is after the beatles fans, lennon gave her teeth gave his daughter as a memorial.

prior to this, the housekeeper was also sell other items about John lennon, including lennon on the album “RubberSoul record label photos to wear that jacket. & other; Lennon tooth one auction is one of the most incredible things, & throughout; Omega auction house staff said in an interview, & other; This is a very unique items, and we are indeed difficult to estimate the value of it. Throughout the &;