John lennon’s wife yoko ono behavior art to the world smiling face (figure)

yoko ono works “smile”

period of the Olympic Games in London in 2012, the art museum and gallery in London will take this opportunity to introduce important exhibitions, such as, Tate gallery will roll out ceremoniously Damon at the time of next year – large retrospective hurst, put the British nearly 20 years one of the most influential artists to present in front of the world. Recently, there is new information, Serpentine Gallery in London’s famous Gallery (Serpentine Gallery) will launch yoko ono’s exhibition at the time of next year.

this exhibition will be ten years yoko ono, one of the most important exhibition of her important works & other; Smile & throughout; (SMILE) will also be present, the work to invite various places around the world to submit their SMILE photos, these photos will be together, this is a network and gallery show simultaneously.

yoko ono was man of the hour, avant-garde art stage before know lennon, she was already a strong performance artist. One of her most famous works is called “slice” : was sitting on the stage she invited the audience came to power, use scissors to cut into pieces, her clothes until her naked, naked. She shouted on the stage: & other; Come on, cut off all my clothes, and please send the pieces to any one of the person you love. Throughout the &; She is performing the work for the first time, only 32 years old. Two years later, when she performed in London again this work, sitting in the audience of John lennon impressed by her behavior, and yoko ono became lennon & other; The most important thing in life a woman & throughout; .

yoko ono is now 78 years old, as lennon’s widow, she has been active on the stage of contemporary art, her works include music, video, installation, performance art, etc., has a important influence in the field of contemporary art.