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& middot; Ji & middot;

in the late 90 s, I and several colleagues do a magazine, “the lexicon new knowledge”. As the example in the entry for the income, have the feature such as stability, authority and seriousness, instrumental. And this magazine, is another kind of form, rich vocabulary, advocated by way of article, lively to some & other; Key words throughout the &; For the interpretation of ideological content, time, or some historical literature in the fields of culture theory subject in China, the significance of the present. Is to the first issue of this magazine, I went to visit Mr Ji, please him for magazine and other; Remarks & throughout; .

to visit Mr Ji is on that day, on November 5, 1998. And yellow leaves Beijing has is winter, the wind volume, some even wear the soldier coat. I live in Beijing university QueYuan. First day daily affairs with Mr Is responsible for the quarter of a woman about time, agreed 10 o ‘clock in the morning to see Mr Season in the north of home. Sir, and I can’t be late, will arrive around 9:00 season gentleman living near the building, of course, did not dare to disturb ahead of time, building a row of trees, benches, we sit and wait time is over. Leaves fall of dispute, the sunlight through the branches and leaves, shaking, falls. 10 o ‘clock on time knocking at the door. The lady smiling correctly open the door, said Mr Season was in the parlor waiting for long, we’ll regret it, advance to pretty good, don’t call the old man, and so on. The lady and softly said, for the old man body, don’t take pictures, don’t talk too long time.

it’s a small room, the light is enough, how many display, no season gentleman amplified photograph hanging on the wall, a sofa, three two single person sofa, cloth art, covered with white yarn. Season gentleman sitting on a single person sofa, smiling to see us come in. He was dressed in a Chinese tunic suit, neatly buckle to the neck, hair cut short, natural sweet the legs, hands handshake. He must have had not a talkative person, an introvert, focus of scholars, look modest, neat, meticulous, quiet, like a leaf. Few words, but to my questions, he always consider seriously, replied in a tone of plain, simple language, voice low and clear, way of thinking is quite clear. For the first phase project is & other; 5480 anniversary & throughout; , about the May 4th movement, talk about a lot of words. Obviously the may fourth movement had a great influence on their generation, let him have a lot of touches. But these serious topics, the old man doesn’t seem very interested in. When we put forward taking pictures, the old man fell grin laughed happily, happily for the camera, adjust the posture, we just hide from the ms (conversation) she retreated to another room, secretly gave the old man took some photos, and he took some photos. End, a butt sitting on the sofa, I sit on a pile of soft thing, only listen & other; Meow & throughout; A shriek, a white cat jumped up from the sofa, jumped to the ground. Season gentleman have bent over, hands reach out, to the mew cat, the cat jump into the old man is a natural arms. Season gentleman embrace it, stroked it, like the children, and his own, also like children, wrinkly walnut face, his smile to us. Then we talked about a lot of things about a cat, she talked cat, interest is very thick, with relish.

he topic’s remarks, for the magazine is the recording of his words:

& other; Since this century, China has had two cultural center, one is in Beijing, one is Shanghai. 30 s when I read the university, the national publication is one of the most Shanghai, Beijing second, among them, Oriental magazine longest, most affected. Now, Shanghai should have a substantial in content, the influential journal, I wish the lexicon knowledge become such a publication. When CAI yuanpei advocated academic arguments should be compatible and package, also advocated to blend between disciplines. The way of learning is more walk more wide, rather than more walk more narrow. I want you to hold this belief. Throughout the &;

& middot; Wang yuanhua’s & middot;

and Mr Wang yuanhua’s contact more. Then he is editor-in-chief branch as the example, was in 99 as the example, to copy things come and go; Both for the lexicon knowledge & other; 5480 anniversary & throughout; Special about him to do an interview, then I according to his conversations, into the thinking & other May 4th & throughout;” , and sent him to review, vol.

wei-guo li is President for the first time to take me to visit him. He lived in hengshan hotel, thinking and writing. When we go to, he was very foolish, thinking I do not know where the fall, to speak with us, just a bit absent-minded. Gradually when it comes to the May 4th, about the enlightenment, and he has his own reflection of academic thought, since the ninety s was excited, voice is more and more young, run quickly as young people, said, while constantly walked around the room. Since 1996, says he speaking in several famous universities, nearly three hours, every time topic is “valuation of the may fourth new culture movement reinterprets”. That visit, to talk about is almost the reduction version of the speech, Mr Wang yuanhua’s view point is as follows:

it is and should not be the conventionality Chen said in the past, will & other; The May 4th movement & throughout; In the period of culture as simple & other; Throughout the battle for the white &; Or & other The old and new battle & throughout; , & other; Independent thinking and the spirit of freedom & throughout; Is & other; The May 4th movement & throughout; An important feature of cultural thoughts. The second is, can be used as a real & other; The May 4th movement & throughout; Cultural ideological trend of the mainstream, democracy and science (Mr Desai 2) is still worth exploring, about the origin of the doctrine of democracy, of different schools in the west, and we accept foreign democracy theory course and the existing problems and lack of practical research. Three is, & other; The May 4th movement & throughout; Period’s thought achievement mainly in the aspect of individuality liberation, is a & other; The awakening of people & throughout; Era. Four is that attention should be paid to & other The May 4th movement & throughout; Popular four concepts: during the period of vulgar evolutionism (such as yan fu “theory of natural selection” evolved into stiff assert that all new must be better than the old; Activism; Utilitarianism; Intention ethics (that is, on the understanding to establish what support and opposition to what position, this creates a academic problem is often not seeking truth from facts to consider the truth is in the first place). Five, & other; The May 4th movement & throughout; Is traditional, but not all the traditional, in the two important learning worthy of traditional sinology research, it is qing dynasty BiYuan rearranging the “ink distinguishes between”, there is a buddhist cheung wei shih and hetuvidya in theory is scanty.

later to give Mr Wang yuanhua’s recording. The draft, he walked to the window position, the light, picked glasses, close to the front, with a sigh, said eyes getting no, see word of small is very hard, I will regret should put again a bit bigger size. He walked around barefoot, although hengshan hotel carpet air conditioning, is nearly eighty – year – old man after all, I will call up, & other; How to don’t wear socks, will catch cold & throughout; , said he used to, it doesn’t matter. He then look like grandpa, kind, peaceful looked at more than 20 years old, I like to see your granddaughter, asked me to learn professional, like don’t like editing work, habits are not used to living in Shanghai, and some of the things I speak of the cultural revolution experiences, such gossip.

the last time to see Mr. Wang, is to send draft to his home. He is sitting in the living room, facial expression is still scholars, both a little bureaucratic AIRS, swagger. On that occasion, the deepest impression is his wife. His wife, sitting in the living room is the back of a chair chair armrest and kept smiling, meticulous snow-white hair combed back, sip. Saw that strange but young I came in, they have leaned, welcome. Has been focused on looking at me talk to Mr. Wang, from beginning to end not spoken, just smiled. That attitude, she is the most elegant, quiet, virtuous, time can change her appearance, but can’t change her quiet fragrance, old times only added for years precipitate with good content. I haven’t seen more than her elegant quiet old woman.