Joyce zhang: qianlong era over corruption “time” as people used to do a slave

fine goods qianlong

because of all kinds of talk, rostrum, in the eyes of many people, is a & other; Good & throughout; The emperor, the so-called & other; High & throughout; And was more myth to utopia of fiddling while Rome burns.

however, how many people know the northwest frontier of the holocaust? How many people remember to the cruel? That is a lot of people want to be a slave and shall not, under the mask of prosperous time, collapse has been kicked off.

the land corruption, the scholar also lost the last dignity, even in China, independent personality, independent thinking has become scarce, it is no wonder that gong zizhen, the great qing empire, the thief can’t find in the same way the robbers who were talented, such & other; Horses stand mute. & throughout; The situation, but also for how long?

when the horse failed the ending ernie delegation, the delegation barlow wrote: qing dynasty people lack of self-esteem, because the government have never treated people as adults, children and slaves, but as & other; Everyone is likely to become slaves & hellip; & hellip; The concept of human dignity ably in the invisible. Throughout the &; In the qianlong pretensions to think China & other; 5 & throughout; Respect, the western to the eastern civilization had been completely break up, they saw a brutal regime, closed, stupid.

to authoritarian era the standards of the qianlong period, tai temple has reached its acme, can be seen from the standard of modern political civilization, it is the last of the crazy old age. So, how to interpret the qianlong? How to get a history of wisdom? In the newly published book of hungry dynasty, has a very deep thinking, therefore, the Beijing morning post, with a book the author Mr Joyce zhang.

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Beijing morning post: qianlong this topic do not please painfully, because the related work is too much, argue is also very fierce, what chance, to make you decide to write such a book?

Joyce zhang: I’m interested in history, two books in college was a great influence on me, one is “the wanli fifteen years,” Mr Is a loner, the qianlong emperor and his times. In high school, think of the emperor is fatuous, corruption, and normal person is different, and Mr Dai book let me see the side of the qianlong more, found that he is a man of the milk of human kindness, and my mental structure, personal status can get through, was able to understand him, had to write a write the idea of emperor qianlong. This book for more than a year, and related materials collected 10 years or so, my writing is slow, but the book quickly.

Beijing morning post: you of emperor qianlong, and what’s the difference between previous text?

Joyce zhang: the first is to write complex and contradictory side of his character, qianlong kindness sometimes, sometimes cruel; Sometimes, sometimes foolish. Early and self-knowledge, The Times on the top; In his domineering, personally ruined the prosperous time. Followed by the evaluation of high ChengShiMeng we have, in fact, time is unreliable. Qianlong age is an age of hunger and age of terror and age of only the right to life and is accomplished by strengthening centralized monarchy system.

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Joyce zhang: why can’t remove the

cruel and changeful qianlong

Beijing morning post: qianlong early and later change is great, is this why?

Joyce zhang: because he is good at summarizing the lessons of history, in addition, he is highly affected by the yi jing, tempering justice with mercy, not deliberately to understand his ideas, so he spent his life changing. In addition, unlike ordinary emperor, he was particularly cruel.

Beijing morning post: in the book, you write to him in the northwest of the holocaust, this is why children instead of literati extolled by such a cruel man?

Joyce zhang: because we have a strong admiration, as long as it’s & other; Do great things & throughout; , the more the more to kill great, in fact, some behavior of the qianlong and no difference, offspring writers praise the emperor qianlong, instructions in our traditional culture, though some humanitarian genes, but the real modern humanitarian, also. Should be noted that authoritarian nature is cruel, from the theory on disposition, than the qianlong generous many, once can endanger the imperial power, he will become very cruel, often of genocide. So, cruel is not a problem the qianlong, but the problem of the thinking.