July will stage leaves “the fairy tale” astronomical Venus brightness increased significantly

astronomer reckons ufos have been reported to the reporter, the public can reward mercury university from July, Venus is the brightest, Venus and Jupiter with the waning moon & other; Moon fairy tale & throughout; , the great southern fish meteor shower and so on four big astronomical phenomena.

from mercury on July 1, neusoft. Mercury and the sun in the day of the maximum angular distance up to 26 degrees, but about 3 degrees declination is lower than the sun. Distance is not enough, the neusoft, mercury brightness of about 0.7 magnitude. Under the condition of the weather is sunny, might be of interest to the public binoculars.

Venus is definitely the leading role of tianyu in July. Wang sichao, in July, Venus brightness increased rapidly, July 12, will be the brightest, most brightness can reach 4.9 magnitude. If high atmospheric transparency, bright Venus will look a little distracting.

in July for a long time, Venus will be in close contact with Jupiter, both appeared in the early morning together, angular distance is only about 2 degrees. On July 16, they will also with the waning moon together & other; Smiling face & throughout; Shape, looks very beautiful.

July there will be a meteor shower. On July 27, southern fish meteor shower will greatly, the meteor shower’s radiant point is located in the southern hemisphere of the district, the southern fish day initiative activity in the middle of July to mid August. Due to the southern hemisphere during the winter, so very few observers, the southern fish meteor shower is the main reason for the amount of data is seldom. Wang sichao, a researcher said, is located in the northern hemisphere to the public, can choose the day at around 22 observations, the moon has dropped at this moment, until the morning will be no moonlight.

(reporter Cai Yugao Zhou Runjian)