Junior high school girls weibo drying shoe money by batch of conspicuous parties: just kidding


recently, a junior high school girls weibo drying shoe money, by netizens accused its wealth. Network capture

hua sheng electronic online on January 5 news (reporter longteng) recently, a group of & other; Suspected the fourth middle school in wenzhou rich second generation female students with shoe money & throughout; Photos in the BBS and each big weibo crazy preach, attract netizens to hardworking americans.

on January 5, party girl in hua sheng electronic online interview that he was just a joke. The fourth middle school in wenzhou, deny party girl students.

watch & other; Rich second generation are so shoe! Throughout the &;

on January 5, featuring the four suspected wenzhou rich the second generation female students in weibo drying with shoe money as “posts in BBS and each big weibo was posted, cause many onlookers clap brick.

& other; Rich second generation are so shoe! Throughout the &; Post quoted net friend & other; Table of march & throughout; A weibo content, and four images, and attach & other; Table of march & throughout; Weibo data capture.

images show, a female students sitting in the seat of the classroom, give out from the seat next to a foot shoe in terms of money, on the ground there are more than 1 yuan, 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 100 yuan amount of paper money.

& other; Brain damage, sent & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Move on to hardworking americans. The net friend & other; Wind is the wind afraid of the dark & throughout; Said in comments, & other; With parents fearful, day and night business make hard-earned money to spoil, should not be too much. Throughout the &;

hua sheng electronic net friend & other; Siddhartha & throughout; Think it suspected of illegal, & other; According to article 43 of the regulation on the administration of the renminbi, is deliberately destroy or damage the renminbi, given a warning by the public security expert authority, and be fined 10000 yuan. Throughout the &;

there is also a net friend said calm. The net friend & other; Lovemelody” Think it is not necessary to this hatred, & other; May be just goof around together, don’t be so serious. Throughout the &; The net friend & other; Fang hj & throughout; Also hope that we act of kindness.

cry foul party girl said just want to joke

hua sheng electronic online reporter discovery, the earliest microblogging forwarding this is & other; Wenzhou grassroots news & throughout; , known as & other; Rich second generation bask in according with shoe money & throughout; . He told the reporters, & other; Table of march & throughout; About 30 points in January 4, 12 released this tweet, is forwarded, & other; Table of march & throughout; I will delete microblogging.