“Jupiter’s moon” will be on at 6 in the morning looking like “lovers whisper”

6, on the morning of the solar system’s & other; Big & throughout; Jupiter will be in close contact with the moon, staging a moving & other Autumn fairy tale & throughout; Add a little romantic, as the National Day holiday. At the appointed time, the public and are interested in the early travel people can appreciate the beauty of the both stay together.

just run to the planets and the moon the same longitude, distance to recently, both the astronomical phenomena that the planets. The planet month of the year phenomenon happens dozens of times, in addition to & other; Venus close month & throughout; Besides, & other Jupiter or month & throughout; Is the best ornamental effect. Jupiter is worthy of the king of planets in the solar system, it has the largest volume, also has the most satellites, known as & other; The giant planets throughout the &; Said.

astronomy education experts, director of tianjin astronomical society said zhao heng, 6, 5 o ‘clock in the morning, to the southwest, will see & other; Month Jupiter throughout the &; The beauty of the astronomical phenomena. At this point, Jupiter, the moon in the next, distance less than 1 & deg; (the moon in the sky’s apparent diameter is only 0.5 & deg) .

an both gradually on blue awning, mutual love, set each other off becomes an interest. Because no other too bright objects, by the moon and the beauty of the high resolution, watch the effect is very good. Looked up at the public will be found, accompanied by Jupiter and the moon together, like a lovestruck men and women in & other; Whispering & throughout; & other; Sweet nothings continuous & throughout; , it.

astronomical experts say, Jupiter and the moon is so close & other; Throughout the &; Very rare, it is a beautiful beautiful scenery before sunrise. As dawn breaks, Jupiter and the moon gradually fade, interested in the public to take time to appreciate and photograph.

(reporter ShuaiAn ning, Zhou Runjian)