“Kangxi TongBao” as experts say more or special custom (FIG.)

ancient COINS are ms report in person to figure

yesterday, who lives in the town of rongchang widely suitable chan in the chongqing evening news 24 hour news hotline 966988, said a month ago she casually in a street in the town to find a & other; Baby & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; A bearing & other; TongBao & throughout; The words of old COINS. And other money, at the top of this coin is a modelling more exquisite portrait.

curious: & other; Kangxi TongBao & throughout; Someone like above

ms Chen said, because of my grandfather and father likes to collect COINS, she also has a special interest on money, normal to the antique market for goods.

more than a month ago, she was at a local sell COINS for goods, the booth in phase at a glance the modelling is unique copper, spend 60 yuan immediately bought it.

from the chongqing evening news reporter in the chan to see in the picture, the coin is beige, surface bearing & other; Kangxi TongBao & throughout; , & other F & throughout; The fish with the two words, such as COINS. COINS are above & other; Stand & throughout; A little people, the modelling is like a warrior, arms crossed in her chest, facial features, bun, clothes, etc can be clearly seen.

& other; Some people say that is money, and some say it’s a key. Throughout the &; Ms Chen said, collection of hundreds of coin in the home, not a similar to the coin, let her very curious.

experts: suspected designed for special use custom

yesterday afternoon, the chongqing evening news reporter contacted numismatics study experts, municipal association vice-chairman Hao Jinzhu collection. She said after seeing the photos, the modelling of the coin, she had never seen before.

be counterfeit coin? Hao Jinzhu said, common coin collection market in general can be seen everywhere, not unusual, if deliberately falsified, cost is too high, imitation is unlikely.

she told the chongqing evening news reporter, engraved with & other; Kangxi TongBao & throughout; The coin of the words, it is government issued currency, is unlikely to carve a dog on it. In addition to the official currency, the ancient large house will own casting currency, called & other; Spend money & throughout; To do weddings, funerals or gratuity, but it won’t have & other; Kangxi TongBao & throughout; With the words.

Hao Jinzhu analysis, this coin is likely to be collapsed, and the rulers to certain occasions, custom-made, & other; If certified, indeed system by kangxi years, has a high collection value. Throughout the &;

the chongqing evening news reporter Yang Xin interns phillips c r.

what kind of old COINS worth

What kind of coin collection value

what do high?

Coin collecting, says

Hao Jinzhu, still follow & other; Scarcity value & throughout; The principle of the main circulation size.

she said, for example, kangxi, and are prosperous time, issued by the monetary variety, quantity is big, the collection value is relatively low; If is the currency of the xianfeng years, because of its existence time is short, single variety, high collection value. The price of the highest numismatics has more than one million yuan. In addition, some modelling, particularly exquisite workmanship & other; Spend money & throughout; , also has a high collection value.