Kangxi years “west lake ten scene” screen in Cuba a museum (FIG.)

the screen of the early years of the qing dynasty kangxi production, painted on the back of hangzhou & other; Xihu ten scenery & throughout; . Hangzhou city people’s political consultative conference for the figure

properties for success has been in the past year. The core value of west lake properties can succeed without & other; Xihu ten scenery & throughout; . Yesterday, the municipal administration opened a news conference, said an interesting thing: their mission, in a museum in Cuba, unexpectedly discovered the early years of the qing dynasty made by hangzhou & other; Xihu ten scenery & throughout; Screen!

Chinese people’s political consultative conference literature and history of hangzhou committee office staff said, suggesting that the two problems, first, from the point of understanding so far, the kangxi years screen, is a reflection of the existing & other; Xihu ten scenery & throughout; The extremely rare object; Second, the physical from the folk, proving that the west lake ten views influence is very big.

beautifully made sixty percent of the screen, the back hidden xihu ten scenery figure

this year on May 24, hangzhou line of six by the vice chairman of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC) visiting Zhang Hongjian led to Cuba, in accordance with the stipulations of the prior to located in Havana, Cuba’s national decorative arts museum of the city centre.

as a forerunner of the museum is a Spanish noble villa, built in 1924, after the Cuban revolution victory in 1959 for the state-owned, all kept museum, there are more than 40000 all kinds of collections.

it is from hangzhou guests, Cuba has specially invited a delegation to look at the museum of Oriental culture collection. The most eye-catching, is 5 years of qing dynasty lacquer screen.

one screen, everyone look quite carefully. Because these screens, although old, but very good protection, making also appears quite elegant. All of a sudden, a man behind a screen in the delegation sent a voice: hey, here are ten west lake landscape!

this is a pair of six folded the screen door, wooden, a total of 12 pieces, more than 2 meters high, about 5 meters long and is a positive depiction of characters in ancient pavilions, opposite arrangement is a bit special, are words above, here is a picture.

to remove two outside, ten in the middle of the screen at the bottom of the picture description, it is the west lake ten views. The first call & other; Section of the bridge upon the snow throughout the &; In succession, behind the orioles singing, world sunsets, two peaks piercing the clouds, flower view fish, etc.

screen on the landscape of the west lake ten TiKuan, tell us now xihu ten scenery is a little different.

the main difference from the landscape of the four five words, such as & other; Section of the bridge upon the snow throughout the &; And now & other; Broken bridge cx & throughout; , & other; Su causeway spring willow & throughout; And now & other Su causeway chunxiao & throughout; , & other; Two peaks piercing the clouds & throughout; And now & other Twin peaks piercing the clouds & throughout; , & other Three pool reflected on & throughout; And now & other; Just & throughout; . The description of the other six spots like now.

323 – year – old, this screen is for my mother’s birthday present

this discovery, let whole delegation were all up, even to the Cuban party. We research on the back of the screen at the top of the text, although some words don’t know, but I still understand some meaning. The screen, making Yu Kangxi is the third year (i.e., kangxi 28 years, 1689 AD), is for the mother of a 28-year-old RenShi 50th birthday birthday present. In so many words, have & other; Fifty birthday mother for so long life throughout the &; & other; Minzhong is confused & throughout; Obey the emperor life in sifang, religious husband and father & other; Zhejiang throughout the prefect &; With the words, etc.

in a screen on the back of the upper part, also with many names, including his nephew JiaoShi, qing world, auxiliary, zhen the words, from & other; Both make a ceremonious nod worshipped throughout wish &; With the words.

Zhang Hongjian vice President, said although took some photos, but still left a regret: bad light behind the screen, the space is very narrow, photographed photos are not clear, thanks to the tour guide also took a few pieces, only six of xihu ten scenery scenery, and at the top of the screen on the back of the words, not all photographed: & other; Originally by these names, perhaps can find their descendants, know the story of some screen. Throughout the &;

because the museum collection is too much, it is not easy to check the origin of the screen, leaving the suspense also many: screen is the qing emperor kangxi years, the villa was built in 1924, how it is passed to the hand of the Spanish aristocracy? Is direct from China to Cuba, or by the Spanish to Cuba? Screen these with a different name now, and how do you understand?

hope to show in hangzhou, demonstrates the landscape of the ten eventually become famous time

in fact, for days, Chinese people’s political consultative conference literature and history of hangzhou committee also through the pictures on the screen are analyzed. Why the words will be different? They understand there are two, one is from the person behind the screen, there are many people who named Lin, combined with the part of the text, the screen may come from fujian (Lin for fujian most popular). In addition to & other; Su causeway spring willow & throughout; With & other; Su causeway chunxiao & throughout; , a few have different view, different words are homophones, this may be caused by the pronunciation is different from the jiangnan region. While two peaks clouds and twin peaks piercing the clouds, a better understanding, because the qing emperor kangxi thirty-eight years (AD 1699), kangxi third XunXing hangzhou, calligraphy of song & other; Xihu ten scenery & throughout; And put & other; Two peaks piercing the clouds & throughout; Instead & other; Twin peaks piercing the clouds & throughout; , this also shows that the words on the screen to write up much earlier than changes before, is a relic of kangxi years.

there is a kind of understanding is deliberately artificial changes, because it is a celebration, so special changes of several characters, such as broken and residual changed to segment and ripples.

Zhang Hongjian vice chairman said, although some words are different, but basically formed. Through this screen, you can see the historical evolution of the xihu ten scenery title track, can also learn about birthday present reflects the folk customs, very meaningful. In Cuba, he is just like the Cuban party proposed that the screen to hangzhou for exhibition, let hangzhou citizens to see them all at the same time, the argument of xihu ten scenery and eventually become famous s time. & other; At that time, is oral promise to Cuba, then we have to put this situation with the city and garden department to negotiate, can win the final. Throughout the &; Zhang Hongjian said.