Kindergarten riddle is “regulars” female teacher deducted monthly performance (figure)

yesterday, this newspaper reported that the kindergarten teacher will & other; Throughout a hun segment son &; As riddle topic printed and distributed to the children. The park in response to this matter, originally planned to expel the female teacher, but opposed by parents and readers. At present, the park has decided not to fire the teacher, but to detain the performance salary for the month.


fired teacher is shirk responsibility

& other; Sex education at the beginning of the people, the good, the child is innocent, is you these adults want to slanting. Throughout the &; This article after yesterday was published, readers & other; Fan Ainong & throughout; See it so. And like & other; Fan Ainong & throughout; Think as readers of the female teacher was not wrong.

& other; A circle, can represent a complete on art, on the transcript can be understood as 0. The teacher give a title to their young students, rather than to parents. Throughout the &; Readers & other; LvYuan” Argues that the female teacher was not wrong, but the sun topic’s parents did not go into the child’s growth environment.

although some readers think female teachers have faults, but also do not agree with zoo was expelled from the teacher, some people say that the park it is improper in shirk its management responsibility. Readers & other; Hry & throughout; Said, the teacher does not big mistake, she is out of the question is easy to produce misunderstanding and ambiguity, this is a little wrong, changed.

& other; Hry” And some other readers also believes that the kindergarten should improve their own management processes, dismiss the teacher if something was wrong, this is the responsibility.

[in the lake district bureau of education]

will deduct the monthly performance

yesterday afternoon, reporters once again came to the forest land crystal kindergarten interview, unfortunately, the kindergarten head are not in campus at that time.

a kindergarten security guard tells a reporter, director in the morning on business, yesterday’s reception reporter liu is not in the park. After the reporter leave contact telephone, security guard said will give the reporter’s question to director. However, as of press time last night, the park did not contact the reporter.

the reporter understands from the lake district bureau of education, because the parents tried to retain the female teacher, the park has made it clear that won’t fire her. At present, the park a preliminary decision to the party in charge of the leadership and teachers to detain the month performance and demoted.

the relevant person in charge of the district bureau of education also introduces, the kindergarten in accepting the education department to check with any difference in teaching schedule and the actual use of this knowledge has also led to the kindergarten in the feedback list approximate primary school difficult subject, the education department will have to investigate further, to deal with the park.


school depreciate sex education at all levels

similarly, in the female teacher will & other; Throughout a hun segment son &; The day as riddle topic, a female reporter to sex toy as & other; Meat ganoderma lucidum & throughout; The news was spread on the Internet. Xi ‘an television also said in response to this matter, the reporter is still very young and inexperienced, please forgive me.

some readers think, female teachers and journalists appear such mistakes, on the one hand, and they are not related, on the other hand also reflects the school contempt for students at all levels of progressive education, lead to students after the social comedy tends.

a beautiful mind Dai Shimei psychologist said, three or four years old children while men’s and women’s consciousness is not strong, but sometimes will ask & other; Where I come from throughout the &; Such a question. As a teacher, should have a preliminary understanding of the knowledge, asked one thousand students, also can be guided correctly. (business newspaper reporter liu ping)