“King meteorites in qinghai” 6 million smooth surface experts identified as fake

& other; Qinghai meteorites king & throughout; High-profile sale?

on March 11, from xining meteorite fall happened just a month. On the same day, xining again: a meteorite fall related things a weighing 18 kg & other; Meteorites & throughout; Will be a person with the high price 6 million yuan.

11, 9 PM, sleeping reporter was jarred awake by the ringing telephone. According to a media colleague on the phone, someone at 12 at noon on July 1 address hotel to buy a piece of meteorites, wish to the trading site. Despite the acquisition of meteorites is hot news, but considering the meteorite may be slow to show & other; Qinghai meteorites king & throughout; On reflection, reporter, finally came to the trading place on time.

a purported, head of the buyers, a large enterprise in the province of the middle-aged man at the gate of the hotel to meet journalists, and referred to in the floor of a hotel suite. Then, the central in Qingdao and the provincial capital of the mainstream media reporters also asked to have to be present. With previous collectors don’t want to let people know their forced phenomenon in meteorites and is unwilling to accept the interview, the meteorite was particularly high-profile trading activities.

a piece & other; Meteorites & throughout; Worth 6 million yuan

reporter just sit quietly, buyers ma mou meteorites just handed me a business agreement and & other Meteorites & throughout; The photos.

& other; By negotiation between two parties, in the case of reciprocity and mutual benefit, reached the following agreement: party a will be a piece of meteorite fall weighing 18 kg (note: meteorite fall is a astronomical phenomenon, should be called meteorites) sold to party b, and finally agreed on the price for 6 million (hundred million) lu yuan & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; See here, the reporter is suspected own wrong consider 600000 yuan, 6 million yuan, but a look at carefully, clearly written in brackets behind & other; Bayi wan lu & throughout; The words, this just make sure no wrong. Selling meteorites agreement also noted, clinch a deal on the same day, the buyer to the seller to pay 3 million yuan in cash, the rest paid on April 11.

a few minutes later, the vendor Han Mou moved to a wooden box, carefully from the inside take out a piece of about 20 cm high, more than a dozen centimeters wide, irregular shape of black stones. Han Mou, pointing to the stone of a few small hole is introduced: & other; This is the hole, used to exhaust, if gas is not discharged, meteorites will blow up & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; When asked about his stone come from where, Han Mou say from five zhuang town on this, the villagers specific where to pick up, he also don’t know. Although he not been stated in detail the origin of the stone, but he all description of meteorites, both weight and found that, all approximate & other Qinghai meteorites king & throughout; .

& other; I have found buyers abroad! Throughout the &; When asked why high price to buy the stone, ma said that he has a big company in abroad, meet many foreigners, he want to buy the stone, is to want to have it sold overseas. Han Mou immediately to cater to the vendor said, & other; Yes, meteorite fell from heaven, foreign people again able is made out. Throughout the &;

this & other; Meteorites & throughout; Different

although both the seller and the buyer is very favour this & other Meteorites & throughout; , but in the eyes of reporters, this & other; Meteorites & throughout; Not only price ridiculously high, and there are many different places and seen before meteorites.

after careful watch, the reporter found the & other; Meteorites & throughout; White in color black, don’t like the fusion crust, and magnet don’t suck it. In the bottom of the stone has been saw the cross section, oddly, cross section is not gray, also see spheres and metal particles, but like a complete piece of metal. In addition, although look not hou nine cloud volume & other The largest meteorite & throughout; Bigger, than & other; The largest meteorite & throughout; 5 kg & hellip; & hellip; Continued through a month of coverage of meteorites and dealing with experts, how many have some journalists have identified meteorite skills, can be in front of this & other; Meteorites & throughout; , reporter saw many place has the obvious difference with other meteorites.

although experience tells a reporter, this & other; Meteorites & throughout; Can be seen very suspicious, is preparing a formal agreement between the seller and the buyer, and considering the amount is large, the transaction activity reporter trembles. The final peer tell reporter, after the judgment of the advance leave the scene of the transaction.

experts: & other; Meteorites & throughout; Not meteorites

in order to validate their own judgment, the reporter then & other; Meteorites & throughout; The image to the Beijing planetarium meteorite expert zhang baolin, turning to him & other; Meteorites & throughout; The authenticity.

after the photo identification zhang baolin, said the stone surface is smooth, no obvious gas seal, and several shallow hole on the stone, someone to trace. Many aspects can confirm that this preparation costs 6 million yuan, is not meteorites.

reporter then with & other; Qinghai meteorites king & throughout; Master zhao, zhao said, & other; Qinghai meteorites king & throughout; In his hand all the time, never sell.

China university of geosciences, the international meteorite collectors association member Dr Ke model that before, said. He introduces, at present market, according to the international meteorite & other; Qinghai meteorites & throughout; The price should be between $1 to $5 per gram, impossible to sell such a high price.

layman meteorite collection need to be careful

then, the reporter understands from buyer ma, he learned to purchase & other Meteorites & throughout; False, have to give up. In the face of the buyer, the seller said he meteorites are identified, have been able to conclude that 99% is the true meteorites. When the reporter to interview the seller refused to by the seller.

for & other; Qinghai meteorites & throughout; Social widespread attention and the phenomenon of lovers to acquire, vice President of the China university of technology institute of earth science, remind Dr MiaoBingKui meteorite collection need to be careful, to be with sulphurous meteorites. MiaoBingKui introduction, meteorites contain unusual combination of mineral on earth, or no spherulite structure on earth, can get the material origin of the solar system by studying the meteorite, composition and the understanding of the evolution, extremely collection value and research value. But experience through long-term meteorite research, MiaoBingKui tells a reporter, meteorite fall occur at a time and a large meteorite, someone with some similar as meteorites meteorites, some don’t understand meteorites are looking to get rich amateurs fall for it. Therefore, people who do not understand meteorites and the market should be cautious to buy meteorites, such as special collections meteorites, should be through professional appraisal after the acquisition, so as not to be cheated.