Kunqu opera master Wang Shiyu: kunqu opera cannot be too small To reform

Wang Shiyu

Wang Shiyu, born in 1941, formerly known as Wang Ming yukon, taicang person, national first-level actor. Zhejiang kunqu opera theatre of the second generation & other; Throughout the world &; Word generation actor, a former chief of colonel, zhejiang now & other; Zk & throughout; The delegation. He is the third China drama & other; Plum blossom prize & throughout; Winner, enjoy the state council special allowance.

Wang Shiyu into huai su chief in 1955, inherited the Zhou Chuanying. Niche, towels, crown, shoes PiSheng and can, especially in the towel was born, there are & other; Kunqu opera wipes born champion & throughout; A problem. He look handsome handsome, sweet voice, body, natural and unrestrained, in more than 50 years of stage career successfully shaped the peony pavilion, liu mengmei, Zhang Jihua in “the story of western garden”, “peach blossom fan” in the Hou Chaozong, Han Qizhong in “kite by mistake” and other glorious art image, “pick up painting called”, “jean pick”, “kneel pool” and other specialty richness alone, performance is amazing. He is director of the youth edition of “the peony pavilion” and the hall hall version of the director of the peony pavilion. He had come to the United States, Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other countries and regions performances, lectures, was warmly welcomed and highly appraised.

heart grant kunqu arts need descendants

Sue week: Mr Yang Shousong wrote “the road of the kunqu opera” once mentioned that you are a busy man, he can meet you go to interview. What are you busy in recent years mainly?

Wang Shiyu: Chinese opera art for life, will pass to learn, play, and teach the three stages. I mainly do now in addition to teach is to rehearse. As I was recently in help & other; Shanghai-jiading-liuhe & throughout; Their new play “the white snake”.

this year I also invited as the artistic director of zhejiang shengzhou art school, the first job is to help them deal with the students. They want to do a small class shaoxing opera, 12 years old students recruit come in, six years, master basic skills. Also want to hook them up, hire some good teachers.

ShaoJu zhejiang art academy also warmly invited me as a consultant. I think during the physical condition is good, now didn’t decline thinking, can help to do something, as agreed. ShaoJu is a kind of big opera in zhejiang, once have a good market in Shanghai, but now shrinking. Since I promised to them as a consultant, you can’t and don’t ask, don’t, also want to allocate time to do something, want to consider how to develop ShaoJu, inheritance and reform, this year should be two things, one is ShaoJu classic finishing, 2 it is to be lined up a ShaoJu & other; Eye even throughout the play &; .

in addition, the hall of Beijing edition of the peony pavilion has been performed more than 740, want to consolidate better, hope to be able to play the full one thousand games, the creation of traditional opera a scene where a continuous record of play so many games. This also need me to do something.

Sue week: students is related with the future of traditional opera. The students of kunqu opera mainly come from?

Wang Shiyu: we most of the students in the past or from suzhou kunqu opera, because with accent and so on, from now to expand geographically. Like & other; Zk & throughout; Newly recruited a batch of new students, about 48 people, the majority with zhejiang province native, from jiangsu region. Now look at this group of students is good. Their ages are between 14 and 18 years old, the basic starting point is zero beginning to develop, must carry on the sixth of learning.

Sue week: high degress than they like you a lot of the old artists will teach them?

Wang Shiyu: now also didn’t go to, will teach them later. Early estimates will be in the form of lectures is given priority to, tell them about kunqu opera drama, the specific to their acting lessons until late. Kunqu opera is the art of KouChuanXinShou, there must be a good teacher to teach, deciding the generation after generation.

Sue weekly: now seven kunqu opera troupes are the enrollment mode?

Wang Shiyu: around the situation is not the same, the pattern is somewhat different in suzhou. Kunqu opera of suzhou art school class in the recruitment of students every year, but with into the professional troupe, standards, elimination rate is relatively high, not many people really into the theater. Don’t agree to this way, I thought before let the young people learn kunqu opera and kunqu opera, seems a little bit perpetuated this misunderstanding. But now I think it is good, because though most of them do not enter the kunqu opera after graduation, but rather to socially engaged in other occupations, but they for kunqu opera in the mass communication is have certain effect, can drive the impact those around him to appreciate kunqu opera.

just like we rehearsed youth edition of “the peony pavilion”, than many of its social effect can appear. The influence of the propaganda is the following. So many years so many scene play down, it really contributed to the expansion of kunqu opera audiences. Now includes & other; Shanghai-jiading-liuhe & throughout; , of each chief to cities, the box office is pretty good, better than many other operas, also sometimes a ticket is hard to find. So, some things to look far.

said to the box office, and I think there is a phenomenon worth discussing. Suzhou is the birthplace of kunqu opera, but the enthusiasm of the audience to buy tickets rather than Beijing, Shanghai,,,, even in chengdu, guangzhou, shenzhen, the city I have no idea about kunqu opera before. Relatively, suzhou is less weighty appreciate kunqu opera audience, the audience is relatively narrow. The same scene, suzhou to buy tickets in the audience a lot less compared to other large and medium-sized cities. Industry have some confusion, I do not know exactly why. I really hope that through the effort can change this situation.

youth edition of “the peony pavilion” promoted the kunqu opera young actors and the two traditions of the young audience

Sue weekly: you mentioned the problem expand audience, indeed, for kunqu art with a long history, so its survival and development depends on a stable and growing audience team. What do you think what kind of way can more effectively foster more kunqu opera audience?

Wang Shiyu: we can still get the youth edition of “the peony pavilion” examples to illustrate the problem. This play hugely, academia also high attention, many experts and scholars have reached a consensus: the success of the youth edition of “the peony pavilion”, its significance is far more than the limits of a play, an opera itself, and has become a more general & other Cultural phenomena throughout the &; , a few experts even believe that this is the 21st century the Chinese & other Cultural Renaissance & throughout; The precursor. This & other; Cultural Renaissance & throughout; And the youth edition of “the peony pavilion” cultivating young audience goal has a very close relationship. We especially want to have a certain cultural accomplishment of college students to contact kunqu opera and kunqu opera. Over the years, the youth edition of the peony pavilion has dozens of universities at home and abroad tour, and received the fanatical love of youth, had set up & other; High art into campus & throughout; Cultural strategy, can be said to be a complete success. Through the hundreds of performances and fully prove that were made, the youth edition of “the peony pavilion”, set up two heritage, also is the young actor of kunqu opera and kunqu opera young audience’s inheritance, is completely correct. Kunqu opera was no longer neglected & other; Less popular art & throughout; And even in some college students’ mind, and appreciate kunqu opera became a solemn ceremony in high culture.

the youth edition of the peony pavilion of one hundred performances before I went to the scene, according to my observation on the spot, a large number of students contact kunqu opera was the first time, they will feel strange and even traditional culture on Chinese traditional opera, alienation, watch nine hours of youth version of the peony pavilion for them, and accept the baptism of a classical Chinese aesthetics, probably since, upon them for China’s one thousand years of ancient civilization in the attachment. In their later life, the youth edition of “the peony pavilion”, people, word, songs and dance, play will be indelible memory. From this perspective, the youth edition of “the peony pavilion” is more meaningful, it will be in the history of Chinese history of kunqu opera, opera, or even a part of in the history of civilization.

& other; Kunqu opera into campus & throughout; Greatly raised young people’s interest in kunqu opera

Sue weekly: kunqu opera into the campus to cultivate young viewers have a big role in promoting, the troupe has into the campus activities?

Wang Shiyu: before kunqu opera into the campus is relatively less, since the youth edition of “the peony pavilion” is very popular, the troupe has into the campus. Some of which are public welfare performance, the majority of or ticket market oriented business performance, of course, because the main audiences are college students, so prices are set too low, the main purpose of kunqu opera or propaganda, spread the kunqu opera culture. These show the effect is very good, literally to which university are popular.

in addition, many universities hold lectures about kunqu opera, especially as the city university of Hong Kong, they insist on for 12 years, invited kunqu opera masters to their school, give a lecture, I am also their artist in residence. Peking University, tsinghua university has relevant lectures. Many universities in Taiwan also invited me to speak of kunqu opera. Since 1993, there are about 15 years, before and after I will go to Taiwan every year several times, is mainly about kunqu opera in the university, almost every college times. Generally is to give students large classes in school, a bit kunqu opera history, then points project also speak a lot of content, like & other; Kunqu opera and tea & throughout; , & other Kunqu opera and wine & throughout; , & other Kunqu opera and the health & throughout; , etc., trigger students’ interest, make them feel kunqu is very rich. Kunqu opera, for example, what is the relationship between health and? The use of singing kunqu exquisite flavor, strut walks pays attention to the use of joints. You see I am now 73 years old, although walk not have legs, but also go very fast fairly robust, this will benefit from the kunqu opera, I sing for so many years has been have a devoted practice. Vitality so well, why do I because I sing with the spirit of abdomen, equal to, like practicing qigong, a cavity of kunqu opera put off five of six are rare, save gas to exhale to luck are exquisite, it is very good for your health. To speak can even now I don’t have to rest, three hours to older people are usually unable to stand, but I don’t care, this is kunqu opera singing let me build basic skills. Speak the content is also in the propaganda kunqu opera, and college students are interested in.

the spread of kunqu opera troupe, many kunqu artists are doing things, for decades without relaxing cultivate literate young people like kunqu opera, let them appreciate kunqu opera. These young people are the backbone of the country, can also affect many people after they step into the society. There are so many people for decades for kunqu opera do, to make the kunqu opera has now such a relatively good development environment.

cross-border enlightening to let more people understand the value of kunqu opera

Sue week: opera is important to master train an apprentice inheritance form. You also received many disciples, they both kunqu opera actor, you the bank also has a fellow opera but different types of actors, and pop music singers like Julian Chen. You crossover is enlightening for the sake of what?

Wang Shiyu: I’m drama this line has spent more than 50 years, also calculate a minor celebrity. Long after the older, there are many who come to find me play up. Quite a lot of students I have taught, have all different types. Because Chinese traditional opera, although many different spoke different types, but specific to stage performance form is about the same. So, even if other operas niche, singing, performance, still can learn from some of my experiences. I now officially closed disciple has eight, among them, the TaoTie axe, YuJiu Lin, Ceng Jie, Mao Wenxia is kunqu, Zhou Zhiqing WuJu actor, Xu Ming shaoxing opera actor, and a drama actor is wenzhou ou troupe of thy will, then there is Julian Chen.

because I have been a vice chairman of the dramatists association, zhejiang province, have been familiar with zhejiang opera, the troupe’s situation is concerned, so besides young kunqu opera actor, my major is zhejiang conductions to actors.

when it comes to Julian Chen, although he is a pop singer, but he can sing ge-zai opera, there are some drama, also in TV dramas. I accept him as a ACTS, mainly is hope that through him to prove that you pop songs to sing better, more ability in other areas, also want to learn kunqu opera. For a person to learn kunqu literati temperament cultivation and use of the singing is good, this is the meaning of itself to him. , on the other hand, it is also told that society, kunqu opera is a profound art, people also want to come to worship singing pop songs kunqu opera actors for the teacher, visible they admit that kunqu opera, so everybody opinion of kunqu opera will also change. So, I accept him as a ACTS also wants to promote kunqu from one side, so that the value of kunqu opera has been more and more people to understand. Chorus kunqu opera, he learned later in some field that is in the propaganda kunqu opera, which is a good thing.

rehearsal & other; Knead throughout the play &; Is a process of artistic heritage

Sue weekly: what is your standard of enlightening? So many students teach down what’s comments?

Wang Shiyu: actor since intentional industry into opera, and into the door to will be dead set to study, is likely to get harvest. But not everyone can be converted into drama actor, it depends on the students’ talent and their own conditions, also need to see his family conditions and external environment. Actor is the three elements of so-called & other; Talent, hard work, the opportunities & throughout; , be short of one cannot.

no talent, that is to say, is not a piece of actor, the teachers teach, students practice death won’t death. Especially as we kunqu niche line, each session of each recruit students, at the beginning is always the most, is little more than a dozen people, more than 20 people. But over time, slowly will loss of natural selection, and sometimes doesn’t even have a niche in a class to stay.

talented is the necessary conditions, after a long training process to become useful, to be a good actor, first of all have a good teacher. The so-called & other; Teacher I & throughout; , this is the quote, but it does not necessarily can teach I teacher. The teacher in the past for more talented students. Elder people speak, only strict teacher can teach a stretch, stretch is & other; Play & throughout; Come out. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull