Kuo sung-lin couple risks had resin Family members asking for a favor to Peiping burial

kuo sung-lin, Han Shuxiu couple

ZhuLin temple gate

ZhuLin temple temple

ballad gone with the lean, mean & other In department of warlords & throughout; Those who make of it. Among them, & other; Guo devil against serve throughout the &; Is a start. & other; Guo devil & throughout; General, kuo sung-lin is also. Kuo sung-lin & other; The serve throughout the &; After failure, have been killed, what be buried? And see below break down.

kuo sung-lin alum, Chen, 1883, was born in dongling district deep well son town village, the village is the tang dynasty who travels the king prince zhongwu of fenyang’s descendants. In 1925, Mrs Kuo sung-lin and Han Shuxiu to Japan’s military, heard zhang zuolin in Japan to buy weapons, to the fight against national army in the south. Kuo sung-lin indignation extremely, therefore decided to contact together & other; The serve throughout the &; . In November 1925, kuo sung-lin arise in the luanhe river state, published & other; The serve throughout declaration &; .

kuo sung-lin rate seventy thousand troops occupied shanhaiguan, taking suizhong, xing-cheng, break & other; Lianshan defence & throughout; Jinzhou, occupation. & other; In military & throughout; All retreat to liaohe eastern setting. However, & other; Guo & throughout; Against xinmin where river, attacks by the Japanese kwantung army; The rear was chun-sheng wu & other; In military & throughout; Cut off. As a result, & other; Guo & throughout; The white flag fort ammunition was burned; The Japanese kwantung army aircraft to & other; Guo & throughout; Positions. & other; Guo & throughout; Defeat and failure.

on December 24, 1925, kuo sung-lin couples costumes, sitting on a donkey cart around the quilt fled south, on the way, hidden in the cellar of xinmin a convention. The next day, were arrested kuo sung-lin couple, both are killed in Peiping. Kuo sung-lin the washed in Peiping sent couple of blood, change for a new suit of clothes, two bodies with mat, command: will kuo sung-lin couple bodies, in the riverside of resin 3, shall not be buried.

when Mr Kuo sung-lin couple & other; Light body’s disgrace & throughout; Stir, at that time the Mukden (shenyang) city, people have to kuo sung-lin couples feat. That year, shenyang’s newspaper said that: & other; Kuo sung-lin defeat, defeat in Peiping, but defeat Japanese imperialism. Throughout the &;

ZhuLin temple temporarily adjacent bones

according to shenyang information related to the literary history records, then, zhang zuolin rage, command will kuo sung-lin couple & other; The revelation resin & throughout; Who dare to accept corpse for kuo sung-lin couples buried?

body buried, who must be kuo sung-lin relatives. At that time, however, kuo sung-lin second brother guo xu in Beijing (Beijing); Three brother Guo Daming hidden in. Although kuo sung-lin parents in Mukden (shenyang), but which dare to son, daughter-in-law body? Just then, a man stood up, stepped in to kuo sung-lin couple body for burial.

this one by the name of zheng, who lives in kuo sung-lin hometown village frenzy village village, the village is kuo sung-lin cousin. Kuo sung-lin young poor family, zheng had many care. Kuo sung-lin when the brigade commander, home visiting fellows, brings back son zheng boa Zheng Entang Mukden (shenyang), introduced to Peiping when Ma Bian, later to serve life of lady (Mrs Zhang zuolin five Zhang Shouyi). Usually, life of lady with Han Shuxiu were close, and deeply. Therefore, Zheng Entang begged life of lady, please her to Peiping to intercede, ordered to allow for kuo sung-lin couples body for burial. Life of Mrs Persuaded in Peiping, personally by zheng, body for kuo sung-lin couples, adjacent to the ZhuLin temple.

move the coffin of the adjacent goldkorn

ZhuLin temple site, located in the big east ZhuLin road for a period of 10. Was built in the early years of the latter, kangxi repair expansion, covers an area of more than hundred acres, for shenyang’s earliest & other; Send spirit throughout temple &; .

Thirty-ninth year

in the qing dynasty emperor qianlong (1774), chengde county magistrate of a county (shenyang) celebration that maketh said: & other; The bones are father mother blood, precious like pearls; Send temple, the coffin of dependency, the car front porch after order rulin, also. Throughout the &; And only the inscribed & other; ZhuLin temple & throughout; Plaques, is for & other; ZhuLin temple & throughout; Origin. & other; ZhuLin temple & throughout; Main entrance with blue bricks masonry, the lintel letter & other; ZhuLin temple & throughout; The eye-catching Chinese characters. Temple towering old, solemn quiet. Buddha hall points, main hall, peidian peidian, stone room, a total of 20 jacaranda. Another monk room, more than 20 meditation room, room number. & other; ZhuLin temple & throughout; The surrounding masonry tall blue brick walls. At the end of the qing dynasty, & other; ZhuLin temple & throughout; Run by zhejiang, jiangsu hall; In 1919, by the Mukden (shenyang) with good hall took over. After the founding of new China, & other; ZhuLin temple & throughout; Taken over by the civil affairs department in shenyang, and temple unclaimed 1032 coffins all buried. & other; ZhuLin temple & throughout; The palace had used by the factory. Today, & other; ZhuLin temple & throughout; Has collapsed, but yu & other; ZhuLin road & throughout; Place names.

& other; Nine? September 18th incident & throughout; Afterward, zheng, kuo sung-lin couple’s coffin, take back deep well of dongling district town village frenzy village, adjacent to DE gruyter grave near goldkorn, but did not buried.

avoid evil to burial

historical records, kuo sung-lin couple buried, from 1925 until 1925, before and after 28 years. And look at the story.

originally, kuo sung-lin and Han Shuxiu only born a woman, after marriage called & other; Shun hua & throughout; Unfortunately, in the age of 6 died in Beijing. Guo home consultation, will kuo sung-lin second brother hung-chih kuo, guo xu son, kuang kuo sung-lin for son. When the fortune teller said: according to wait until September 19, 1931, kuang, to ensure & other; Business & throughout; . However, at exactly & other; Business & throughout; One day, before the outbreak of the & other; Nine? September 18th incident & throughout; The so-called & other; Business & throughout; Also can’t again & the date of the other; Ji & throughout; . That year, hung-chih kuo 13 years old. Later, he learned, the father guo Ren Shengceng ran up and down, and arranging kuo sung-lin couple buried.

on June 4, 1928, the Japanese kwantung army after the murder of Peiping in dongling district seven rooms, guo xu bought 20 mu slope, bi is kuo sung-lin couple cemetery. But & other; Nine? September 18th incident & throughout; Later, guo home per capita in inside shanhaiguan pass, avoided cannot go back to shenyang to kuo sung-lin couples buried. In 1938, the puppet & other; The prime minister & throughout; Cheng hsiao-hsu, died. At that time, cheng hsiao-hsu son Zheng Yu, pseudo & other; Mayor of Mukden (shenyang) & throughout; . Zheng Yu selected dongling district seven rooms one hill, for father cheng hsiao-hsu cemetery. Cheng hsiao-hsu cemetery and kuo sung-lin couple cemetery on the other side of the ditch. , however, the customs of the guo family heard cheng hsiao-hsu cemetery built on seven well between, then thought occupies kuo sung-lin couple’s graveyard, and dismissed the idea of buried for kuo sung-lin couples at one time.

eventually buried in hometown

in 1952, to deal with in shenyang water dustpan hutong & other; Kuo sung-lin residence & throughout; Property matters, hung-chih kuo once again return to shenyang.

at the time of the newspaper, hung-chih kuo saw a news: once hunted kuo sung-lin bandits yong-qing wang (bandit # & other; Throughout the world good &;) Were suppressed. Hung-chih kuo immediately wrote to the government asking the government to reply confirmed that this yong-qing wang, is pursuing kuo sung-lin were to blame. Hung-chih kuo grateful to the government, think again to kuo sung-lin couple buried. Then he wrote a letter to the northeast of the people’s government, the request permission in dongling district 7 rooms to the graveyard to kuo sung-lin couples buried. Three days later, the northeast of the people’s government to reply: contact the local village government, government can talk things over solve. Hung-chih kuo then find seven rooms to the village government. Village government officials said, has informed the northeast of the people’s government agreed to kuo sung-lin couple buried.

hung-chih kuo found caretakers Sun Enlin, back to the village village frenzy, the kuo sung-lin couple’s coffin to the seven rooms to the graveyard, in the fellow villager, finally will kuo sung-lin couple buried.