Lang lang liszt as “piano hero” : pianist romantic attachment

the footsteps of Christmas approaching, people are busy for the holiday. Young master lang lang is no exception, the work is still busy every day, he also for his & other; The speed of sound fingertips & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Lang lang 2011 preparing for Christmas concert. Talk of the concert in Beijing on December 24, he hopes to have a pleasant holiday with music lover.

lang lang: pianist need more romantic attachment

the annual Christmas, New Year, lang lang will be held in the domestic similar performance, this one is no exception. Lang lang said: & other; The purpose of this concert is to spent with music lovers festival. Throughout the &; When asked about the theme of this concert, lang lang said, send his blessing on Christmas, at the same time in order to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Franz liszt. Talk about some details of the show, lang lang told reporters that he would be in concert with the China philharmonic orchestra conductor long yu hand in hand, the scene will play the liszt “comfort” the dream of love “the clock” the first piano concerto “and other classic songs. And last year in Shanghai world expo opening ceremony played the song of the Yangtze river, this one is specially with orchestra renewed dedication to our audience. Lang lang said: & other; Christmas for everyone today is a very romantic moment, I think everyone has his own romantic attachment, pianist need romance more complex, the romantic mood comes from the love of life and art. When I played in there is also a romantic, I hope to take these things to share with the audience in the music. Throughout the &;

liszt as & other; The piano hero & throughout;

lang lang’s agent, told reporters, li ning, and other The speed of sound fingertips & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Lang lang 2011 since Christmas concert make out an invoice, sales situation is very good. In addition to attract professionals and & other Little musician & throughout; , there are many white-collar workers to buy tickets. The theme of this concert is to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Franz liszt, lang lang has just launched the latest SONY music album “my piano hero & ndash; & ndash; liszt album” as the main track, match again with Chinese style number and carefully edited and become a wonderful concert. Lang lang is so worship liszt, not only because of liszt’s piano master. And, more importantly, because he likes the cartoon Tom and jerry in liszt’s music, lang lang is on the path of art.

the lang lang 2011 Christmas concert is to list as the theme, on the one hand because of liszt is considered & other; The history of music throughout the first pop star &; Held, is also one of the first piano recital pianist, lang lang also in mind sees him as & other; The piano hero & throughout; ; On the other hand also because lang have been watching Tom and jerry cartoons, the score of liszt’s second Hungarian rhapsody deeply attracted him, let he chose the piano. Lang lang told reporters, also like to play the piano liszt also because liszt is like the matador at the time, when every concert at least five piano playing bad, that’s why later piano do more and more strong. However, although now the piano quality is very good, lang lang will often put the piano bad.

in order to master and to the world & other The piano hero & throughout; Salute, lang lang end early next year’s domestic tour major pieces are selected from liszt’s work, including the classic “clock” no. 141, “comfort” “paganini etudes” the dream of love, and liszt’s first piano concerto. Music also traces have some other interesting at the meeting or imposing manner, such as old master Chopin etude, the black keys in the film adaptation of the Shanghai world expo opening song piano concerto “the song of the Yangtze river” and so on. In addition, the tour more commercials produced show lang lang art course, with the light and sound effect, foil gives lang lang is full of charm and unique personality of the piano. Although numerous recent performances, but lang lang’s agent, said li ning, and other The speed of sound fingertips & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Lang lang 2011 Christmas concert, is the key of the lang lang in the near future.

in another development, on the evening of December 2, lang lang will be held in sichuan province stadium & other; Lang lang 2011 throughout China tour chengdu concert & modern liszt; In chengdu to blow round & other; Lang lang cyclone & throughout; . Yesterday, the reporter learns from the organizing committee, the chengdu music conference, lang lang will play some Chinese and foreign classical music, Chinese songs about 40%. As a tribute of the 200th anniversary of Franz liszt, at the same time in the chengdu concert, lang lang will also bring to the broad masses of fans of liszt’s classic, let the audience can close to feel the charm of classical music.