Large area of chongqing QiJiangXian genital stone carvings Or have origin relations with Thailand (figure)


the qijiang count 27 qingxi town river valley stone carvings of the penis (file photo)

pakse & middot; The empty professor in nanping east creek town of current tablet in residual GuTaiWen (file photo)

recently, historian group to chongqing roots in Thailand, Thai and nanping current may have origin relations

in the afternoon of May 5, museum of the qijiang count for a group of special guests & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Historians of Thailand tour.

Thailand historians causes of the group to the qijiang count would be much special & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Look for the root of Thai culture.

Thai ancestors really lived in the qijiang count? When and how did move out? The chongqing evening news reporter an exclusive sneak peek.

the chongqing evening news reporter mok Yang Bing interns Li Yaxin

a paper drew a group of experts to Thailand the qijiang count

Thai historian group to the qijiang count, because a few years ago, curator of the museum of the qijiang count Zhou Lin a paper QiJiangNa flat current disappeared without a preliminary study. Thai historian delegation by the dean Fan Jun led by the famous historian in Thailand, the leading historian of the 95 – year – old color & middot; The empty professor, Thai agricultural museum curator, the famous historian ora Thai & middot; Friends di professor and so on more than 30 experts and scholars of history.

& other; As a Thai people, after visiting a museum, feel very proud, to see the Thai culture, more than 2000 years ago, has Thai suspended pictures, picture wearing tight skirt of Thai people and especially the ancient Thai words, is the origin of the Thai words. Throughout the &; QiJiangWen content management, director of the Zhou Lin paraphrased ora Thai & middot; Friends of di, a professor at the visit as saying.

Zhou Lin said that Thailand historians also examines the ancient town of nanping current tablet QiJiangDong creek, and found that the ancient monuments on Thai. They think the Thai nation and QiJiangNa flat current (Lao) may have origin relations.