Largest Jurassic dinosaur fossils found in xinjiang 160 million years ago

recently, jilin university professor Sun Ge led the team in the formation of QiKeTai shanshan county, xinjiang region 160 million years ago, discovered the largest Jurassic dinosaur fossils, dig out two-thirds of the femur is only 1.5 meters long, presumably, the femur length should be more than 2 meters, dinosaurs will be up to 35 metres in length and weight 30 tons, Jurassic giant sauropod dinosaur.

in 2007, Sun Ge led team here for the first time found that the world’s largest group of Jurassic dinosaur footprints, as long as more than hundred meters, a finding that shocked the world. Sun Ge had predicted that if based on this point, in both extension continue to explore, is likely to have greater surprise & ndash; & ndash; More than just a dinosaur footprint, and may find dinosaur fossils. In 2009, he was in a nearby found a clue there may be a large dinosaur fossils. In April this year finally had the presence of the dinosaur fossils. Sun Ge prophecy: here again is likely to be a huge home, full of vitality of the dinosaur.

the dinosaur bones found relatively intact, dinosaur bones and fossils of dinosaur footprints have been found in the same region, is quite rare. Thus proves that the turpan basin in the central, warm and moist climate in the late Jurassic belongs to rivers region, the ecological environment more conducive to the reproduction and survival of dinosaurs.

Sun Ge said that determine the size of a dinosaur, basically see the length of the femur. China had found giant sauropod dinosaurs in the Jurassic, the largest is the sichuan & other; Above the horse gate creek dragon & throughout; And yunnan & other; Sichuan street throughout dragon &; Etc., but they are only more than 20 meters long. & other; Above the horse gate creek dragon & throughout; Femur is 1.46 meters, and the femur of this dinosaur is QiKeTai see two-thirds, has more than 1.5 meters.

researchers have found that all of this dinosaur spinal bone, a total of 12 root. Also found two root collar bone, each have more than 1 m. Researchers estimate that dig also find neck forward again, because it only dinosaurs and other Jurassic giant sauropods, are & other; Long neck & throughout; The characteristics of.

which weighs 30 tons of behemoth, was a plant-eating sauropod dinosaur, need to eat a lot of plants. Scientists also found near here disc gills and fish fossils. It follows that there was dotted with lakes, with dense forests.

(Mr Wang)