Le clay he in Shanghai: today because of the arrival of revolution

pen and ink sometimes more important than stone

& other; I really like this morning the rain, the rain washed the tree are immersed in the happiness. Throughout the &; On August 17, 2011 in the afternoon, the Shanghai exhibition center, at le exchange conference of klein’s work reading and literature, a novelist in the face of the window. One day morning, in spite of the heavy rain, still opened as Shanghai book fair.

more than one meter nine of the clay he stand out in a crowd, a black shirt, black pants, and white sneakers, than in those days in winter wear sandals go to Beijing, there are a lot of changes.

in December 2009, le clay’s fourth visit to China. (eastern IC/figure)

reading of the arrangement and design, and another two months ago, the Nobel Prize winner vargas & middot; Llosa reading. Le clay, the work of publishers, 99 online bookstore, chairman of Huang Yuhai routinely presented four treasures of the study. Le clay, the recognition of words simply: & other; Pen and ink, sometimes more important than stone can fight against violence. Throughout the &;

Shanghai theater academy teachers suziewong read Mr Klein’s novel “wandering stars” fragment. Suziewong end, le clay expressed through an interpreter’s praise: you read so well, I don’t know how to read in a minute.

followed by a read her translation, translators Yuan Xiao clay, the fragments of the African people.

le clay’s I read the novel “, just “fragment, he what, long eyelash covered the blue light color eyes, slow, soft, warm baritone, deliver the French rhyme beauty:

& other; When the fan on the veranda motionless, could not be removed out of his sight. There, he rigidity, shivering. He tried to breathe, the cloud seemed to penetrate his body, filled his heart.

along the tin roof rainwater flowing like a stream, like blood, on the roof of thick strong flowing downwards, torrential rain on the ground, down the hill towards the river. Between heaven and earth as if only the scene, the rain falling, torrential rain.

the noise in the few scream, fully make the fan when return to absolute being from the shock. The children in the garden, running in the road, they shiny black body in lightning. They shouted the names of the rain: the ancestors! The father! & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

and le is a writer of the dialogue between clay he bi feiyu, translator Xu Jun and Yuan Xiao one. Xu Jun questions: every good writers have created a prime mover, do you have any prime mover?

le clay he slowly answer: & other; When I was a child living in a broken house, is a relatively poor neighborhood, go home with friends after school every day, waiting for my classmates find I go out to play, but they never bother me. In order to resist loneliness, I write some stories, on the one hand, can let me get through this period of time, on the other hand I wrote the story read to the students, I can also popular among the students. I’m not very good at the game, I am tall, football is very poor, I have no talent in this field. But to write a story, can make me get friends like. Throughout the &;

& other; What is the power of literature for you? Throughout the &; Xu Jun ask again. Le clay he replied, & other; For a writer, is likely to be a kind of fate, actually writers are very lonely. In addition, the writing may be another reason, there are some people can’t a voice, we can speak for them, to become their televsion. Throughout the &;

in 1967, le clay he obtain special permission, via Hong Kong to guangdong, he was impressed with the pastoral scenery of south China. It was le clay he first came to China, when he was a 27-year-old youth, are & other; Apply to join the French sent to China’s first batch of young people throughout the team &; . As a result, he failed to get approval.

in 1993, le clay’s second visit to China, visit Shanghai and nanjing. Le clay he went with the French ambassador to China, visited his work to go to nanjing first Chinese translators Xu Jun Xu Jun translation by then Mr Klein’s litigation records.

in January 2008, because of the novel “urania” awarded by the people’s literature publishing house, 2006 annual award for best foreign writers, le clay he came to Beijing alumni. The awards ceremony was held on the afternoon of the meeting, only a small circle of communication, more than ten French literature experts and klein’s discussion, from beginning to end the conversation in French. This time, the sandals to Beijing novelist catch cold catch a cold. That year in October, le clay he won the Nobel Prize for literature.

in December 2009, le clay’s fourth visit to China. The Chinese academy of social sciences in Beijing made a titled & other; Travel, reading and writing & throughout; The theme of the speech.

& other; You read so well, I don’t know how to read. Throughout the &; Le clay he said to the Chinese reader. (99 reader/credit)

, he said that his father was admirers

this is le clay’s fifth visit to China, is also one of the most popular. Can accommodate three hundred people filled the room, there are many more readers standing in the hallway listening. August 17 noon signing conference, le clay’s surrounded by a flock of readers, a female student in clay, the letter of the sign on to the envelope with a star, girls just said a words, quickly leave. There is also a reader to le clay’s an English translation of the daodejing. Le clay has signed the 1200 book the one breath, if not the organizers, also do not know the result. By late afternoon, the publishers for le clay that he holds a small champagne on the meeting, le clay he also signed more than one hundred. Xu Jun said, le clay he never signed so.

and several of the recent visit Nobel laureate at the same condition, le klein’s time in Shanghai is also a variety of activities and interview arrangement. But, a good man, clay he would not have been as stingy as llosa only allow two media 50 hours of interviews, is not to the seminar participants as pamuk aside, some go shopping. Gentle le clay he always courteous and responsive.

18 days afternoon, le clay he made the called & other; City throughout the writer &; The theme of the speech: & other; Shanghai, of course, is a special city, Shanghai is also a history of a city, I want to especially references “mark & middot; polo travel notes” in the sentence, as a speech today good: let not to the city, let’s go to the farther afield. I want to answer two questions, the two problems are contemporary writers are bound to face. First, the writer exactly what is the role of play in the middle of the city? Second, the city and what is the role of play in the literature? Throughout the &;

live broadcast live on a big screen weibo display field netizen update information: constantly & other; Too deep! Throughout the &; & other; Too drop book bag, wandering, completely can’t keep up with his thinking. Throughout the &; & other; Content is becoming more and more wise, not the kui is a master, a face of literature, thinking fast, and too hard ah! Throughout the &; In spite of this, and no one to leave.

clay he is nostalgic, 20 years to come to Shanghai to live in peace hotel, gave him a very deep impression, back again this time, he also want to go and see. He remembered last time during a visit to Shanghai, bought a hedgehog’s experience in the market. Le clay, however, he went on to say: we should not be immersed in this kind of homesickness, because miss is a kind of feelings of autumn, what we should see more of Shanghai now.

17 evening, le clay’s dinner in mat home garden. The host said, this is the kuomintang transport minister of old house, located in the French concession. Seat, it is said, in the French concession still has made a contribution to the Shanghai, leaving such a good house. Le clay he said: & other; On the revolution, we could sit here today. Throughout the &; Clay he told Xu Jun, his father was MAO zedong’s admirers, it is said that there are two reasons: part of MAO ze-dong dared to admit his mistake; Against the colonial.

20, le clay’s revisit of nanjing university, two hundred to more than seven hundred students, the venue of outside the window were filled with people, also have students even came from Inner Mongolia and wuhan. Le clay’s answer to questions about reading: read what is not important, important is the children must get into the habit of reading, not to what he read, he will choose reading when he grows up. Holding a book, look at the book the words of feeling is really good.

the love & other; Din tai fung & throughout; Snack novelist told southern weekend reporter in the interview, hope I come back to China, to find a small village in the south to live for a period of time, working on to complete his novel. Before leaving China, le clay he expressed a wish, want to write a history of in China’s rural change genre of the novel. Maybe in the near future, in rural China, in a certain field will appear a tall old man in the west.