Led condolences over the unit back red envelopes: suspected show contentious

led condolences over the unit back red

baoji high-tech zone in shaanxi province said the sanitation department had already taken a RMB 300 bonus for

according to “Chinese” reported on January 20, baoji high-tech zone in shaanxi part of the sanitation workers by the municipal leadership sympathy, 300 yuan per person a red envelope. After the sympathy, red envelopes being reclaimed by the sanitation department head. Officials later explained, had to participate in the activity of the sanitation workers a 300 yuan bonus, so can’t repeat.

20 morning, liu baoji citizens from high-tech zone passed, see have led is consoling sanitation worker, in sympathy with municipal leaders and leaders of the high-tech zone. Mr Liu said, restore a lot, leading to the sanitation workers issued solatium. Activity to end soon, sanitation workers from leadership received at the hands of the red envelope is back, & other; This is clearly in the show! Throughout the &;

in the afternoon, a few took part in the activities of the workers confirmed that the activities of each received 300 yuan solatium is indeed & other; Back to the head site, her name is ma & throughout; .

20, in the evening, the reporter telephone contact to receive the money & other; Head & throughout; Ms ma, and with the identity of the sanitation workers’ families about the matter. We have learned, ms ma is baoji high-tech zone administrative committee subordinate, head of the sanitation department.

, ‘says Ms. Ma & other; Arrange them to events and consolation money, are explained with everybody. Sent 300 yuan solatium after all together, the activity of leading solatium is a high-tech zone management committee, so let’s back, (solatium) is not to be repeated. Although red envelopes are back, but can’t say condolences to the leadership of the money didn’t give you, because of a temporary change in activities found throughout and collect &; . She explained, had learned that the municipal leadership to sympathy, to organize some original has yet to get 300 yuan solatium workers to participate in the Spring Festival, but because of the Spring Festival draws near, all sanitation workers solatium before issued. Wait for the municipal leadership to sympathy, temporary organized three groups of workers representatives to accept led condolences, involving dozens of people.

for head ever explained to attend sympathy workers in advance this problem, the parties of the sanitation workers said & other; Don’t remember & throughout; .