Lee: I’m not good at drawing comic master

Stan & middot; Lee and his cartoon

, according to foreign media published this week in the recent Hollywood movie thor, accumulative total sales has more than 120 million dollars, occupy the first week of north American box office daily for two weeks. Jointly by Paramount pictures and marvel ‘action’ thor, and according to the comic book of the same name, the hero & other The thor & throughout; And & other Spiderman & throughout; & other; Fantastic four & throughout; & other; Daredevil & throughout; & other; Iron man & throughout; Is a household name in the United States, comic book hero. And the role of these widely popular, is closely related to an important person, that’s a & other; The king of comic & throughout; & other; The father of spider-man & throughout; As the American comic master Stan & middot; Lee.

cartoon master this is youth literature

when it comes to Stan & middot; Lee, you have to mention the pioneering gender-role reconstruction done by his bolster up giant & ndash; & ndash; Marvel. Famous relying mainly on the role as the world’s largest entertainment company, a miracle with the role of the company has authorization to provide services, entertainment programs, publications, and toys, with decades of published cartoons accumulation of subjects, has made many movie and good box office. In marvel have thousands of cartoon characters, including & other; Spiderman & throughout; & other; Iron man & throughout; & other; The hulk & throughout; Well-known characters were made by more than 90%, Stan & middot; Lee involved in creation.

Stan & middot; Lee is very important in American popular culture, but who can think of the hugely popular comic master, was once a dream always with writing literary youth? In fact, if not Stan & middot; Lee hall brother-in-law Martin & middot; Goodman founded the marvel comics, maybe he wouldn’t in comics.

Stan & middot; Li, a Stanley & middot; Martin & middot; The bo, born in 1922 in New York. He likes reading mystery novels and adventure stories at an early age, love writing. A local newspaper group in high school essay competition, because Stan & middot; Lee won so many times, the newspaper has to change the selection rules, in order to prevent him to attend the game again. Due to family circumstances is bad, Stan & middot; Li after graduating from high school to shoulder the burden of family, he sent a takeaway, once a clothing factory agent, collar band on Broadway, for the New York herald BBS newspaper delivery boy, also written for the Associated Press and other Obituaries in advance (that is also no eulogy of the dead celebrity prior written) & throughout; .

later, Stan & middot; Lee entered the goodman’s Timely comics do assistant, and in 1941 launched his first novel & ndash; & ndash; The third “captain America” series. In this work, the Stan & middot; Li is responsible for the fill in the content, cartoons painted by others. Gradually, Stan & middot; Lee, the content of the work from the simple to fill out into real cartoon creation, but the doing of his heart never die, it is also & other; Stan & middot; Lee & throughout; That’s why the by using a pen name & ndash; & ndash; He still wanted his name in the future and truly great literary works together.

create a cartoon creation & other Miracle mode & throughout;

in Stan & middot; Li first appeared in the same year, because the editor Joe & middot; Simon to resign and take away a number of right-hand man, the age of 19, Stan & middot; The editor-in-chief of Li Linwei ordered as Timely. Timely for marvel comics comics later development. In 1972, Stan & middot; Lee has become the issue of marvel and chairman of the board of directors.

pioneering gender-role reconstruction done does not lack talented painter, is lack of effective ideas. Although Stan & middot; Lee in painting not good at it, even draw the outline of a line is not good, but his brain is very flexible, great ideas emerge in endlessly. Stan & middot; Li and his partner, jack & middot; Kobe Bryant, Steve & middot; Tito has created a new cartoon creation process. This process generally by the creator (Stan & middot; Lee) an story outline and structure, the painter (jack & middot; Kobe Bryant) to be responsible for the painting and a few small scenes and plot changes, writers (Steve & middot; Tito) is responsible for all of the dialogue and some final modification on the plot. This comic division and the author to the creation of the story, was later called & other; Miracle mode & throughout; .

Stan & middot; Lee has self-contained narrative style, created the image of the creative imagination. He’s a hero like ordinary people have a bad temper, vanity, also have depression and greed; They quarrel happens, each other will also worry about bills like mortal; Their bodies are not made of steel, occasionally a small disease. & other; I’m trying to show their despite the superhuman strength, but life is not perfect. Throughout the &; Stan & middot; Li said.

in 1961, & other; Fantastic four & throughout; , those with normal trouble was deeply attracted by the super heroes of young generation. Then, in jack & middot; Kobe Bryant, Steve & middot; Tito, Stan & middot; Bruce writing his superhero family tree has a humble problems, are made from one ordinary middle school students grow up & other; Spiderman & throughout; , wandering in a civilized society of depressed beast & other; The hulk & throughout; , have ability of mutant & other; Throughout the x-men &; , reflecting the late world war ii era wrong & other; Captain America & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; Stan & middot; Lee will soap operas, humor, moral and political RouJin comic works, in his place, cartoon is not just for fun, more carries the expression of a certain age.

old-playboy.it do love & other; Bit player throughout emperor &;

Stan & middot; Li xing interest is widespread, he as a commentator on TV, when the voice actors to video games, in addition, he is particularly keen on guest in the miracle of cartoon movies. & other; Throughout the x-men &; & other; Spiderman & throughout; & other; Fantastic four & throughout; Series of the film, you can see his shadow. Stan & middot; Lee played a stranger a gardener, driver, sometimes turn some celebrities. Such as in the first iron man, he played a famous magazine playboy founder Hugh & middot; Herne; , he guest star in the us press the godfather of the host larry & middot; Gold. But the most interesting, or in the “fantastic four” and the hit TV drama “the big bang theory” in the third quarter as his directly.

although are usually the ones walk-on role, but Stan & middot; Lee also CARES about his own performance. In an interview, he jokingly complained about spider-man director can put his appearance of nearly all cut off. In fact, as a miracle film series cash cow, Stan & middot; Li every appeared in the movie for the media and the public, which made him very satisfied: & other; They deeply understand (director), can bring the audience to the theater is the biggest reason why will have the opportunity to find me in the film. Wait for my lens after people think: anyway, has come, is inferior to the rest of the watching the movie. Throughout the &;

most of the art of animation and cartoon master has creative ensure a steady stream of magic weapon, that is the childlike innocence, never die out Stan & middot; Li and so on. Although are nearly ninety years, but the old urchin so emotional, love to play. According to his description, every time I see your participation to create cartoon image appears on the screen, he couldn’t help career. Stan & middot; Grow up generation after generation, the works of li for unwilling ordinary ordinary people weave a hero dream, and of his creation of the cartoon image is full of love and pride: & other; If people are talking about some great art image, made no mention of the miracle of the cartoon characters, I’ll be blue. Throughout the &;