Legend of the seven people, missed the Titanic financier j.p. Morgan (map)

& other; The Titanic & throughout; The sinking of the, claiming about 1500 lives, including some celebrities tycoon in the early 20th century. Industrial giant, John & middot; Jacob & middot; Astor IV (John Jacob Astor IV) and Benjamin & middot; Guggenheim (Benjamin Guggenheim) and ship all died, and with bad macy’s co-owner of izzy more & middot; Strauss (Isidor Straus) and his wife (she refused to leave his left and right). The popular American mystery writer jack & middot; Mr Cui’s (Jacques Futrelle), American painters sculptors Francis & middot; Miller (Francis Millet) and then President Taft, William Howard Taft) friend and attendants Archibald & middot; Bout Archibald (Butt) major also died.

if there is no Titanic victims in all these impressively in the name, maybe there will be more celebrity boarded the ship, it is purely the result of the vagaries of the fate. These brushes with death celebrities are:

t-bag & middot; DE lay plug (nearly)

the novelist at the age of 40 years old, are on holiday in Europe for the first time, he considered aboard the Titanic back to the states; A British publishers to persuade writers gave up the plan, persuaded him to take a cheap ship.

delay when heard the news of the accident, is riding the & other; Crewe rand & throughout; Sailing on the sea. The following year, in his memoir “the traveler was forty years old,” the recall the reaction: & other; In front of my eyes, there was a such staggeringly the great ship, Titanic freshly printed, bright, but at the bottom of sink into the deep. Two thousand passengers, from their space to bits, can only helplessly floating in the miles of water in vain, praying, shout a cry! Throughout the &;

& have spent

guillermo & middot; Marconi (Guglielmo Marconi)

the Italian inventor is the pioneer of wireless telegraphy, the winner of the Nobel Prize for physics in 1909. Shipping companies to provide free trip gave him a Titanic, he was on the before three days & other; Lusitania & throughout; Number. According to his daughter, heidegger (Degna) later, he have official documents and correspondence work to complete, then took a fancy to the public on the steamer stenographer.

although allegations of Marconi wireless telegraph operator for will be sold to the New York times news blockade news to the public, so he also accepted the senate committee of inquiry, but he still is considered to be one of the heroes of the tragedy, according to the letter his invention has saved 700 lives.

three years later, another famous shipwreck Marconi narrowly escaped again. In April 1915, he was still sailing on the lusitania, may, in the next voyage, the ship it sunk by a German U – submarine.