Lei feng is also influential in the United States? West point used to hang pictures lei feng

yesterday, Ma Shuiquan helping a sip of water, he was too busy to visit wave and wave to lei feng’s spirit. One day yesterday, the city of the lei feng memorial attendance broke through 12000.

about Ma Shuiquan, famous in hangzhou. He is in hangzhou and agricultural and sideline products co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors. Jiaxing in 2006, state media said the old man Li Kexiao, collected more than 4000 pieces of lei feng souvenirs, often carrying bags in crowded buses go everywhere on the lei feng spirit, he hopes to have a fixed place by exhibition souvenir to promote lei feng lei feng.

Ma Shuiquan see after the report was deeply moved by, take the initiative to contact Li Kexiao, offered to provide free space.

in the beginning, exhibition arrangement in Ma Shuiquan own heaven and earth, agricultural and sideline products market conditions more humble. Later, Ma Shuiquan rented from west of hangzhou shanshui village hall of the hotel, the largest area rebuilds the lei feng memorial hall on the second floor. Later, with the increasing of the collection, he simply used to display the whole floor lei feng souvenirs. It is one of the most complete collection data most lei feng memorial hall, is also the only one is provided by individual items, corporation investment to create the lei feng memorial hall. Today, the lei feng memorial hall collection in hangzhou has increased to ten thousand pieces.

a mention learn lei feng, Ma Shuiquan gave special investment. His museum director part-time originally, but now has become a full-time job, business affairs to subordinates.

Ma Shuiquan also promote the lei feng spirit to overseas. Last year, while to Germany to attend world agricultural fair opportunity, he took as lei feng and souvenirs presented to international friends. In February, Ma Shuiquan to attend world agricultural fair in San Francisco, and carry the lei feng and kilograms data, displayed on the booth.

in order to prove the United States military academy at west point ever hung portrait, lei feng Ma Shuiquan twice time to fly to New York. For the first time, west point’s biennial Reel museum director David received them. Biennial Reel is very young, don’t know lei feng’s story, but he is very pleased to accept Ma Shuiquan the lei feng memorial, and return to the west point of the crest. Then, he went to the Chinese consulate in New York contact again to west point inspection request.

this time reception his is a west point public affairs office of the director Jim Fox. Jim Fox know, lei feng is one of the most famous soldiers in China. Jim Fox has confirmed that the west point of Chinese really had hung pictures of lei feng in the classroom. & other; Visible lei feng is also influential in the United States, of west point cadets and perception of lei feng’s spirit is a friendly, they also advocate the spirit of lei feng to help others. Throughout the &; Ma Shuiquan said excitedly.