LeiDianSheng: crossing the no man’s land With his own blood throat surrounded by 20 Wolf

hiking in China of the decade “

October 30, 2008, this is a no man’s land people trekking to lop nur were systematically stud Ed LeiDianSheng 19th, the day he finally walked into the cemetery of the idol Yu Chunshun, cemetery, there is no coffin, LeiDianSheng here & other; With & throughout; Yu Chunshun sleep for a night, more wine.

through the lop nur were systematically stud Ed

in October 2002 to walk alone in the world’s second largest desert, of dry kramer

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LeiDianSheng was born in 1963 in Harbin, 10-year walked over China, after 56 nationalities collection and distribution center, across the border, coastal line, plateau, canyon, the primeval forest, grassland, desert gobi, etc. A person with 31 days. Walk the lop nur were systematically stud Ed His autobiography “the decade hiking in China by the map before publishing.

1 & other; Accompany Yu Chunshun tomb in lop nur were systematically stud Ed asleep throughout the night &;

Yu Chunshun in June, 1996 were killed here, then want to go to the central Yu Chunshun done a lot of preparation, the first to support staff have help along the way he buried the water well, & other; The water is enough to take a bath. Throughout the &; LeiDianSheng said. But later Yu Chunshun strayed from the direction, where he died less than two kilometers from buried water points. & other; Yu Chunshun were killed after the helicopter has found his tent, his body is only less than two miles from the tent, have begun to decay.

helicopters flew back to korla loulan hotel, lifeguards from the hotel gets a and the chopping board, roll up, the body of the Yu Chunshun back to lop nur were systematically stud Ed to the doctor to do an autopsy. & other; Amazingly, he killed a knife in his hand, body naked, clothes received tents, folded neatly, the body without the injured. No one knows what happened at that time. Throughout the &;

LeiDianSheng. I’ve seen one side, and Yu Chunshun is 1989 in the greater hinggan mountains, Yu Chunshun a year ago from Shanghai came to here. & other; In 1987, I began to have idea hiking in China, so the meeting I asked some childish question, he is not particularly willing to answer. Throughout the &;

until LeiDianSheng starting in 1998, at least he learned a lesson from Yu Chunshun is Yu Chunshun once appendicitis attacks almost died on the way, because of this, LeiDianSheng went to the hospital to cut off the appendix ahead of time.

2 & other; Drink their own urine, with his own blood throughout my throat &;

actually, filed a lop nur were systematically stud Ed people were the first to think of Peng Jiamu, before go to the cemetery of the Yu Chunshun LeiDianSheng find Peng Jiamu’s first monument. & other; His body but could not find until now, the monument a perspex box below, I cleaned the tombstone, write a few words in the box, with his grave to sleep for a night. Throughout the &;

Peng Jiamu and Yu Chunshun were killed, and let the LeiDianSheng made a lot of preparation before enter the lop nur were systematically stud Ed, & other; Even do the walk not to come out. Throughout the &; Lop nur 18 to 33 mm annual rainfall, annual evaporation capacity of more than 2000 mm. For there is such description & ndash; & ndash; Hu Yangshu alive die in one thousand, died in one thousand, down a year ago. Is where extreme drought.

on the road, seen many LeiDianSheng mummy, explorers and grave. Food eat, he ever find lizards, ants, marmot and other small insects to eat. He caught a poisonous snake in the desert, for fear of yourself walk not to go out, in the end he ate snake & other; People can eat I can eat, cannot eat, I also want to try, basic in order to survive. Throughout the &; When go to core even a blade of grass is invisible, he drank his own urine. & other; I cut my finger with a knife, not drink his blood, but use embellish throat. Throughout the &;

not just struggle and lack of food and also face the threat posed by various kinds of nature and of the animal kingdom. There used to be a Wolf followed LeiDianSheng 94 kilometers, till the last beyond the territory of the Wolf. & other; I’ve been put the scent, told the Wolf to dare not to close. Throughout the &; When ali no man’s land, there are about twenty horses most wolves surrounded the LeiDianSheng, he put his own clothes burned, set off firecrackers, put the scent, just dodged a bullet.

3 & other; A man in no man’s land howled & throughout;

LeiDianSheng done before starting 11 years of preparation, the first is the physical condition of preparation; The second is to learn a lot of knowledge, the geomorphic clear understanding of China; The third is the supporting material. LeiDianSheng 16 began to come out to work, a day to earn more than a piece of money, most 2 pieces of 3 cents a day. & other; When prices are low, 4, 5 cents a big steamed bread. Throughout the &; By the end of the 1980 s, LeiDianSheng already has hundreds of thousands of savings, & other; Small business, and package engineering, when yuan is very arrogant. Throughout the &;

LeiDianSheng before departure sold the house, sold it together and he set the stamps and COINS for many years, & other; Monkey stamps in 80, I have hundreds of zhang, there is a second set of RMB, number five yuan, Lao yuan, are sold, now have turned over several times. It is a thing apart, people alive to live out the meaning, have to live for their dreams. Material is a good thing, have no spirit seems to still lack of some matter. Throughout the &;

than struggle and nature and animals, and people more let LeiDianSheng feel hard to struggle. Ten years, he met a total of 19 times robbery, including 10 bandits were away. & other; I was determined to walk the Chinese haircut, when I walk the hair is 1 m long, the uv skin dark tan. I see rob, knife and laughed, they have not ran away, this is a kind of psychological warfare. Throughout the &; There are several dozen people beat him black and blue, but also left a sigh of relief.

too many people do not understand LeiDianSheng, & other; Someone ask me who give me money, some people treat me like a mental derangement, German shepherd holding out bite me, only allowed the dog bite me, I can’t move his dog. Throughout the &; Also somebody asked LeiDianSheng ever thought to give up, & other; I want to give up, not because of physical pain, but people don’t understand you, all can’t buy to eat rich, no dignity. In the mind have too much injustice, I a person cry about it in no man’s land. Throughout the &; A night’s sleep, want and stick to it, always want to finish this dream.

4 & other; A man picking up litter on Everest & throughout;

stick LeiDianSheng harvest a lot along the way, he collected all kinds of goods are now in changping display in the museum. This includes in the ancient city of loulan, LeiDianSheng find of ancient pottery, felt for the children. And the car with his two years of unicycle, the car was bought in xinjiang, more than 100 yuan, the car the heaviest push over 170 jins of things, of which more than 100 pounds of water.

across 31 days, LeiDianSheng only a wish not implemented, he wanted to find the tomb of more than 3000 years ago, is about 50 kilometers, he chose to give up, & other; Otherwise might return don’t come back. Throughout the &; Second year LeiDianSheng returned, find the graveyard, & other; There is the cemetery of Europa people, people died after the Hu Yangshu hollowed, put in the body, with fresh cow leather covered in again. More than 3000 years without a body is bad, like a mummy. Hundreds of coffins, was very impressive! Throughout the &;

but LeiDianSheng think they do, the most meaningful thing is not to cross the lop nur were systematically stud Ed but once in 90 bucks a clothes and a pair of shoes of 40 dollars, boarded Everest the height of 7000 meters. & other; I a person to mount Everest explorer left around 5000-7000 – m rubbish away, the various color various trademarks, with a large snake bag. I a person to go green on Everest. Throughout the &;

in 2008, out of the ancient city of tents, LeiDianSheng completed his 10 years, and two days of hiking. He direction toward the lop nur were systematically stud Ed down on their knees. & other; Each year countless Mount Qomolangma, of a person through the lop nur were systematically stud Ed I was the first person. After I walk the lop nur were systematically stud Ed, and three of the victims. Throughout the &; LeiDianSheng also knelt down towards the direction of the death of parents, thank them gave him such a tough life. & other; I am not a tourist, I am a really travelers. Throughout the &; LeiDianSheng said.