Leonardo Da Vinci riddle: the virgin of the rocks without aperture or have a heresy to holy spirit?

virgin of the rocks by Da Vinci milan st. Francis. The margarita (San Francesco Maggiore) commissioned by church at the beginning of 1483 painting altar. In 1508, he began to write the second plates, two pictures are now was to collect the Louvre in Paris and London’s national gallery. Two plates are on board, but that piece of the Louvre in the 19th century were transferred to the canvas. These two works very well maintained, is a model of Lombardy region Da Vinci painting, in some of leonardo Da Vinci only works but occupies very important position.

a few years ago I the Louvre in Paris were treated to the first version of the Da Vinci painting virgin of the rocks to let me wanting more, still can not forget. This building 1948 years ago in the national gallery collection of second version of the virgin of the rocks for a sluggish slightly repair, after gradually become yellow oxide on the surface of the light oil, in addition to the angel can see leonardo Da Vinci’s own handwriting, at the end of the display is hard to see the works of the original color, larry so in 2008 the British national gallery. Gith (Keith) and other science department personnel to the work again for a period of 18 months to repair, in the work to show to the public, and also changed by Peter. Shedd Peter schade has been () made by Italy in the 15th century to frame a merger of the new frames. After I will often go to the national gallery of art to appreciate the picture, before the work often always let me linger, the design for a long time after I created a new three the virgin of the rocks, background images taken from leonardo Da Vinci’s virgin of the rocks, but subject to change as my mother with the village two neighbors, I hope that in the process of painting as an artist can deeply understand and interpret the mindset of leonardo Da Vinci was working, but also allowed me to deeply understanding the meaning of the painting, the art of pure regression.

in November 2011, held in the British national gallery began about leonardo Da Vinci and his student work exhibition, exhibition works include leonardo Da Vinci in milan from 1480 to 1480 period of some of the paintings and drawings, and one of the most striking is the gallery hid the Louvre museum the first edition of the virgin of the rocks also borrow this display, can see two plates meet for the first time ever in the same exhibition hall, it really makes me excited!

Da Vinci put people in dark environment, to give power to the characters in light to our enlightenment, this new way of drawing to the canvas filled with a thick religious influence. And unlike other religious paintings, this picture is not emphasized Jesus and the virgin, but John the Baptist, Jesus was in one corner (position in religious paintings, the left side of the picture is more important, rather than the viewer has pointed out the direction of), in order to highlight the importance of st. John’s. During the middle ages, also necessary to describe the divine method is in the figure above and a halo, and leonardo Da Vinci in the first virgin of the rocks gave up this approach, focus on the characters’ noble expression to describe the divine. And between the early works of the Renaissance figures seem to be separate, but in the picture all depict the character’s actions and look closely and influence each other, forming a perfect whole pyramid structure. When leonardo Da Vinci’s techniques has superb realm, portrayed by the method of expression of light and shade, unlike his early painting characters show in appearance, but emanating from the heart, farewell, shows that he XiangWenYi Renaissance began moving towards his creation peak stage.

in the two plates is fully reflect the Da Vinci obscure, mysterious and full of style of painting. The virgin Mary in the picture is completely like an ordinary kind mother sat among the images, with a kind of comfort at the side of the child, her right hand holding John & ndash; & ndash; The Baptist, the left hand on the head of the baby Jesus, if to combine human and god in love, her gestures is already like her blessing for the child, and as if to protect her children. Toddler Jesus was embraced by the angel sent by god, he sat on the ground, showing a child’s innocence, and implied his superhuman wisdom. Angel the other fingers with John, with a gentle, mysterious smile. Characters in the painting and landscape collocation gives a person the sense with peaceful, full of wild flowers was shrouded in a hazy cave in the glow of religious complex, adds mystery sentiment and mythology, this may is the place where god created the world. Caves and disappeared in the mountains there showed a fantasy world of the humidity in the distance you can see at the sunshine on the distant mountain, mysterious and solemn, constitute a mysterious stage. Human body contour gradually weak light, delicate face pale, full of inner angry. Harmonization between the spirit and nature, make the picture presents some poetic and deep philosophy.

these two works full of strong theology and symbolic significance, shows the painter, the mystery of the soul, the virgin gesture on behalf of human needs god’s protection? And this psychedelic caves in the origin of life? But Da Vinci did not give us a clear explanation, we can only through the picture to guess his overtones.

and characters in the painting because the promised in the contract is not in conformity with the I483 years (the virgin and the son in the two angels and the prophets, but no st) censure by the consignor. They are virgin and child on the head no holy light, John didn’t cross, angel without wings god as the reason, refused to pay, and a civil lawsuit against Da Vinci, entanglement for more than 20 years. For 25 years, virgin of the rocks into Da Vinci in milan with his backers of the contradiction between the focus. A 1494 letter pointed out that leonardo Da Vinci was told parliament the prices are not satisfied, then he sold to a collector, the picture in the royal collection in France in 1625 by Italian connoisseur k jarno da Pozzo (Cassiano Del Pozzo) recognized, he also identified the Mona Lisa. Until October 23, 1508 after leonardo Da Vinci spent a long time made another church, Da Vinci finished second virgin of the rocks, on the virgin, aperture, st John’s cross, in the back of the angel wings, John’s attitude has changed, angels uriel no point to st. John’s, these seem to be in order to more clearly illustrate the identity of the two babies, this picture to the client, the case is settled. The picture before the 18th century has always been in milan, after being British artist Gavin. Hamilton (Gavin Hamilton) buy, in 1880 and was bought by the national gallery of art, and leonardo Da Vinci why isn’t the first drawings are not willing to put the holy spirit, aperture and multiplier? And why Jesus is no longer the middle? Whether it can be seen from Da Vinci’s heresy to?