Leonardo self-portrait facial “rash” experts speculated paper bacteria

Italy, some cultural relics repair personnel as the representative of the Renaissance leonardo & middot; Leonardo Da Vinci a self-portrait of the current situation is grim, as if & other; Rash & throughout; .

this to more than 60 years old when leonardo self-portrait high 33.5 cm, 21.6 cm wide, draw the early 16th century, under the museum in Turin, Italy. Painting, leonardo Da Vinci deep eyes, thick eyebrows, beard and fluffy.

Reuters 26, restoration researchers found that the picture seems to be a part of leonardo Da Vinci’s forehead, bridge of the nose and chin & other; Rash & throughout; , may be the cause of this condition including paint oxidation or paper living bacteria.

the Turin museum and cultural relics experts on whether to repair this self-portrait of leonardo Da Vinci. The British cultural relics researcher Jenny & middot; Roberts said: & other; Very familiar with the people in the face before you do anything, we should consider repeatedly. Throughout the &;

this painting exhibition about two months last year. Some cultural relics experts suggest that limit the exhibition time and attendance in the future.