Leslie cheung statues were people crazy cracking (pictured), touch less than 24 hours

Beijing, April 1 (xinhua) according to Hong Kong’s “Ming pao news, today is the 10th anniversary of Leslie cheung (brother) died, but fans of his thoughts had never decreases. The opening of the day & other; Continue to favor & middot; Ten years & middot; Case & throughout; Attract a large number of fans and the people made a special trip to visit of the exhibition hall, competing with his brother 6 m high white bust photo, but too warm and touch, the opening to yesterday afternoon less than 24 hours, bust has collapsed two multiple places were touched flowers, to cherish brother fans feel heartache, please don’t hurt the elder brother of the statue.

Case on the opening day,

the most attention is the elder brother of the bust 6 meters high, in order to let the fans and people in close contact, not set up the fence, you can touch the bust. But some people have not love, bo yesterday found the right head bent two broke, other place also has been the trace of the flowers, fans worry bust back will be more scarred, I hope you take more care. Patrick kong site visit yesterday, he said he is my brother’s fans, feel bust is like brother, will get home to see his brother’s memorial concert at night.

on April 1, 2003, my brother suddenly jumped from the mandarin Oriental hotel, central, bright end of life. His death each year, fans from all over the world to the mandarin hotel mourning, a bunch of flowers yesterday afternoon outside a hotel has a graze, gathered through hundreds of fans, bothered to different flowers, and awards, useful flower of bricks & other; WE LOVE YOU” And write & other; Love you forever unchanged throughout the &; That expression of his brother’s mind.