“Let us once more sculls again” the creator of a “hydrophobic”

“let us once more sculls again creation to kunming lake

in 1955, changchun film studio shooting the new China’s first children’s color feature film “the flowers of the motherland,” the director hereby yan composed music for films, he readily agreed, because he enjoys writing music for children.

one day in July, the weather is sunny, blue sky blue waves, green trees, red walls especially bright. Director YanGong, Sue in the lead of all the members of the film crew and a large group of children under the age of 12 (the actor in the movie and mass), came to experience life longevity hill. Composers composed also follow to together.

composed by again.your will never have a childlike innocence. In the Summer Palace, he play games with children, crazy play, have a kind of unspeakable joy. Can be produced, stage management took the children on the boat, want to look for the feeling of the water, he was stumped by the lake. Composed from two afraid: the afraid of ghosts, that is three fairy childhood in cleaning the buddhist temple, temple to listen to a lot of ghost stories. The fear of water, he can’t swim. Mind informing: go on board, yo fear of water; Don’t go on board, how can you be familiar with the water environment, feelings, and the children rowing fun? Is in hesitation, children enthusiastically Shouting: & other; Uncle liu, hurry up! Throughout the &; Liu Chize crustily skin of head on the boat.

sailing with composed with three children, the children makes the OARS, small waves the boat away. Can be composed by take hold of the ship’s rail, also dare not move. The children draw, ah, ah rang, rippling lake and laughter, the lively manner, is just like a small angel. Composed by the children’s emotional appeal, also not afraid. To the children rowing, a water fight. Also just took off his shoes, and sufficient water, along with the flow. In this way, a marble boat, in a short while land hall, for a while and jade belt bridge. Bibo, canoe, laughter, let the 34-year-old composed by back to childhood. He to the child’s state of mind, children view of the lake, boat, the wind and waves, are looking for the song of happy young inner world and rhythm.

fast as the ship to & other; The rhinoceros full moon & throughout; Near the big bull, composed by suddenly feel a specific movement, the movement appeared in his mind, his heart throbbing, immediately to rowing children shouted: & other; Soon the ship is in port, neared shore! Throughout the &; Three children stare big eyes looked at him, & other; Composed by uncle how? Throughout the &; & other; The melody of the song came out, I’ll write it down! Throughout the &; Which is called Li Xixiang children is quite clever, suddenly see come over: & other; Composed by uncle return to inspiration, quick landing, or god will run! Throughout the &;

composed on shore, said to the children, and other You draw your, continue to play, I’ll write, write songs to you first. Do you like to use it; You don’t like it, I write again! Throughout the &; On this & other; The rhinoceros full moon & throughout; Small peninsula, sitting on a big rock, composed with legs began his writing table. Pat island lake stone he don’t know, only the heart boat ripples in the melody. 20 minutes unknowingly passed, “let us once more sculls again” solo part and children’s duet part complete!

at this moment, composed by point a cigarette, one side smoking, one side looking at the longevity hill, jade belt bridge, slowly kunming lake on the boat on angel, gradually from the excited mood to calm down. Have just finished the song, began to hum again, twice & hellip; & hellip; Carefully taste with a check, there are several not very good, immediately modify again with more than ten minutes. After using the children’s tone and psychological, in the heart’s singing, ponder. Song really shows the mood and interesting, children children’s joy and happiness, composed by this just satisfied.

after being songs written resized, children also play enough, ashore. Composed by let YanGong and Sue in the children together, then pulled out just write good GePian sing it to you. & other; Let us once more, paddle ship on the small waves pushed & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; A tune of the song, the kids happy, clap hands, said & other; It’s nice! Just like when we were in the boat playing the mood! Throughout the &; Then YanGong, Sue, and play the teacher’s a circle, the Guo Yongtai of volunteers, are lined up, this is a relevant film requires good children’s song. I’m very glad to got everyone’s approval, composed. Prepare a return to xinjiekou balance hutong residence, immediately set out to complete the orchestral score. On the way back, the children’s tutors were willow herb suggest change song to triple meter, good may be some, he promised to try. The next day, composed by the two songs to the willow herb, let the children against a sing, compare which is better. The children agree or taken by 2/4 nice, original also for rowing rhythm and feeling. So, let us once more sculls again was finalized.

with the film “the flowers of the motherland”, “let us once more sculls again” this song soon became popular throughout the country. But a classic children’s songs, and elected to the middle and primary school music teaching material, moistens the hearts of generations. The children cheerfully sang, feel the happiness; The adults gently humming, relishing the childhood. & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Recovery after the payment is low, education press send 5 yuan each year which composed by north big sheep, living in Beijing time this and the money into the city to the post office to draw money. Liu Chixiao, even for the children dedication, also not to receive. Kang Keqing at the great hall of the people to the composed by the award, is on behalf of the nation’s children thanked the composer, composed by social praise and reward.

music without borders, foreign children and adults also fell in love with this beautiful song. Published in 2000, is composed by the biography, the author went to the people’s music publishing house. Wu Peng newsroom director told me, “let us once more sculls again” this song, is the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization selection is one of the two Chinese children songs (another “I love Beijing tiananmen”), he suggested that I regard it as the title of biography. I accepted, just add a subtitle & other; Pursue composed and his melody & throughout; . To “let us once more sculls again” song of metonymy, to reveal its high artistic achievement.

“let us once more sculls again” this song, singing yesterday, today and in the singing. Whenever this song sounded, I Li Xixiang will be reminded of that sentence, & other; Throughout the &; uncle composed by return? , composed of was returned to us, and rippling up a clap deep thoughts.

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