Li ao: I like the mainland remains a radical former sven

because of the new USA trial published in mainland, recently, always & other; Language not astonishing die endlessly & throughout; The & other; Cultural urchin & throughout; Li ao, the mainland readers & other; There are words & throughout; . Li ao, or that li ao & ndash; & ndash; Reporter said a view & other; Hardly & throughout; Li ao said & other; Must be agreed & throughout; ; Said two hours of telephone wires, storyteller, current affairs, said his son, also do not avoid controversy, also do not forget the call off the moment called & other; Dead tired & throughout; .

about the book: Chinese people to know the truth of the American

reporter: you are in the book to & other; God li & throughout; Identity, to judge the 43rd President of the United States, what do you think of this approach to writing?

li ao: I draw lessons from the writing of the novel, though the inside of the content is really dialogue. I think writing in Chinese, want to have a good story, so I set out a accept judge of the United States, wrote a story tsukkomi.

reporter: & other; God li & throughout; In the judgment of the President of the United States is in the book, from Washington, the first President to incumbent President barack Obama, the title is USA trial, for americans, this is biased?

li ao: is the American people elected by them. So everyone has a copy.

reporter: you the purpose of this book?

li ao: let Chinese people know the truth, to know the truth.

reporter: you write the material of this book, come from?

li ao: all information I don’t come from the computer, has nothing to do with the network, and this is why I have to show off, I don’t want to be the computer, I don’t want that rubbish. I accumulate data for 50 years. Very little Chinese, most of the English.

reporter: USA trial, have received feedback from the United States?

li ao: my fourth sister in the United States. She is a Christian and she said how god became li ao.

about self: I have begun to aging

reporter: you always & other; High spirit, spirit & throughout; .

li ao: Einstein lived 76 years and 35 days. I have lived 76 years, and after 35 days, live Einstein, already old, can only make & other; Spiritual Einstein & throughout; . But the hotel can give you a reference & ndash; & ndash; I don’t eat after noon. I watched his own urine. The glass bottle in the middle of the night on the bed, if you have just piss in a bottle, the second day early in the morning watch is transparent.

reporter: recently in a lawsuit?

li ao: playing a lawsuit, whenever you have quite good fun.

reporter: case number less than before now?

li ao, is much less than before. Depression, the market now.

reporter: in the 1960 s, you to the critic attitude of traditional culture on literary world. When there is a famous article called “the elderly and the stick”, to make the question, whether young people can catch, old people is willing to hand over, do you ever want to make problems?

li ao: I’ve never been bonzi, how to make to talk about? The greatest but I think my personality, I handed down from my personality as the template is a stick, you may not have noticed. The Chinese people speaking, khalid, contributions. Don’t say & other; Speaking & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; So far I wrote more than 2000 words, is not to say that it is good to write more. But I’m & other; Khalid & throughout; . I really alone, not to join any party, don’t lose hope in dilemma, with somebody else to fights, this requires a Stoic personality to go down.

I am always aggressive, more old more radical.

on the mainland: before I like that kind of gentle

reporter: you will see a net friend message?

li ao: I won’t see. Some friends talk to me. My overall feeling is, everyone’s language recognition ability is weak, completely don’t know my great.

reporter: what are your future plans?

li ao: another big book written a book, in order to sell, I can give this book to do propaganda, may to the mainland to run one or two trips, although the mainland is not how to welcome me.

reporter: you said the mainland people didn’t seem to like you, why?

li ao: here I feel so. Too much of the one who is, won’t likable when he speaks the truth. In 2005 to the mainland for the first time, some public articles, accuse me of li ao like to brag. Why do I like to brag? Because the society make myself I really didn’t have a chance to speak out. I this is irony.

reporter: in 2005 for the first time you come to China, the first feeling is?

li ao: from the mainland to Taiwan in 1949, to 2005, I have been in Taiwan, not out of the door, to this day I lived 76 years, have never been to foreign countries. First impression of the foot into the mainland, is a person is bad than before.

reporter: how do this words speak?

li ao: in Beijing before buy something, I don’t buy, just look at the clerk clearly feel that I can’t afford to buy, also for me a cup of tea, the era of tender and gentle. Now people have changed. I like that kind of gentle before.

private topics: I don’t have the legend so charming

reporter: your son kan now Peking University to study, he and you have to mention Peking University study life?

li ao: no. We were tied too much is not good to him, it would bury his effort. Everyone think Lao tze hero son men, but son can do men alone.

reporter: your son is not in Taiwan, but to the mainland, with and without & other; Falling leaves & throughout; The complex at work?

li ao: & other; Falling leaves & throughout; , should be me this leaf, not my son. I let him come to Peking University, may have implied I protest against Taiwan, mainland implies the future for the development of young people better.

reporter: you & other; Throughout the United States and trial; , is there any trial himself and squeezing your bones & other; Small & throughout; ?

li ao: a judgment has been made, I’m & other; The bullpen & throughout; Five years, four months trial yourself all day long, time is good enough.

reporter: the self trial results?

li ao: the average person will go with the flow, I would not go with the flow, also won’t angry, also won’t knock the table to play off the bench, and refused to jump river. I a person works 16 hours a day, don’t eat dinner, busy work, be happy.

reporter: no & other; What kind of throughout & not; ?

li ao: not good, no, later to harm my body once operation, becomes really don’t like.

reporter: you’ve just mentioned is but a working 16 hours a day?

li ao: since I was young, I like reading, I read a book while tear open the book, the book points for several blocks, data followed me, so I become very knowledgeable. Read something to remember, also can together. Reading method is not good, are blind to see.

reporter: some publications on the mainland, about your private life, let a person feel to read you more selfish.

li ao: those books are not written by me. There is a book called “the theory of li ao men and women,” the whole book is false, is not what I write. Also some people write me, I didn’t speak. About this part of me, there are some things that are not true, is brag. My relationship with a woman, no others wrote charming, no matter, I’m not that romantic.