Li lanqing retire is engaged in the seal cutting art “mass carving” concept is put forward

li lanqing in calligraphy seal cutting art sketch

traditional Chinese art has a long history, charm meaningful. On March 17, li lanqing calligraphy seal cutting art sketch in guangxi ethnic museum, carving, calligraphy, drawing, poem calligraphy seal and unique art form, for the traditional art has brought fresh breath, triggered the experts and scholars to li lanqing characteristics of artistic creation and cultural meaning of the deep thinking & ndash; & ndash;

one heart outside the printed form deposit genesis

this art exhibits li lanqing fiction carving fine 456 in recent years, creative theme is very rich, reflects both our countries on reform and opening up a new way, through hardships to explore, and of the social transformation and magnificent rivers of the motherland; Both works the author in fine point observation and feelings of life interest, also have the author’s love and praise of national culture and world excellent cultural works & hellip; & hellip; Ten years, a young man of eight ten-day with a pen, a knife, in drawings & other; By beauty, will and stone and stone Shi Yan romance, Shi Yan boring and Shi Yan throughout the &; .

in li calligraphy seal cutting art sketch academic seminar, experts and scholars actively, think li lanqing seal cutting art works is rich, eye shot is open, should be the ancient and well today, should be in the well, the ideal value, life interest like between the heart, the actual phase, lively and vivid, its content is close to reality, all-encompassing, abound philosophic theory and interest.

Chinese seal cutting art has a long history, as early as two thousand years ago was founded in the qin and han dynasties shape, in both aesthetic and practical. Development to the Ming and qing dynasty, as the literati artists to participate in, seal cutting to the expression of emotion and personality, and poetry, books, paintings, also become an important form of Chinese art.

the namoc director thinks, li lanqing in develops the content of seal cutting at the same time, attaches great importance to the exploration of seal cutting in the form of language, from the concept of carving, carving contents, techniques to form new, make the text between the heart become vivid image, life has opened up a new world of seal cutting art.

exhibited the exhibition 93 square lacquer seal, for the first time use woodiness material and after lacquer decoration processing, will be two different kinds of arts are art forms with a history of thousands of years, a total of a smelting furnace, to seal cutting seal material development and the popularity of traditional art attempt to promote the innovation, is refreshing.

guangxi calligrapher’s association, vice chairman of Liu Bingqing said, carving must be ancient, seal cutting, known as white black. Li lanqing works & other; Long live the motherland & throughout; , & other Chinese seal & throughout; , & other Benevolence & throughout; Dao is idle, such as a heavy han of ancient compensated; & other; The people’s education & throughout; , & other An unyielding & throughout; , & other The beauty of morality, intelligence and physique & throughout; Etc, art of using saber clean, firm soft cloth Bai Yiran, has the character of the qin dynasty, clever and wonderful. His creative work & other; Mountain city bright & throughout; Using Bai Wen inject travel model, & other; Swim outside koan & throughout; , dare to try, is familiar with raw, not breach in the sciences, can reward from the form. Guangxi calligrapher chien-hsun Lin think of the bamboo carving art, carving works of li lanqing, layout solemn heavy fact, looked, drawings, sincere and honest HunMu, plain but not inflexible, maintain a grainy and qing qi, just stick to the tradition of classic, source far flow clear, proceed from school life.

guangxi academy of social science, literature and history research institute li jianping believe that not only carries the Chinese traditional culture, the works of li lanqing fused the Chinese civilization concept, such as seal cutting and spread & other; Harmony & throughout; , & other Harmonious society & throughout; , & other Benevolence & throughout; Thoughts of Chinese culture, such as, also has brought together a large number of western culture. Small seals, become a bridge of communication between Chinese and western cultural exchange, spread the carrier of human cultures.

press club Yangtze river Yin think of xileng printing society, revealed the seal cutting art, li lanqing profound cultural accomplishment and art heritage, but also to the he QianYan how, physically, to promote the popularization of Chinese traditional culture. He said: & other; The unique stone carving is our country traditional culture treasure. Li lanqing seal cutting practice, through lively seal cutting language, the ancient seal cutting art coruscate gives new face in due course, promote the attention of the society from all walks of life to the art. Throughout the &;

two words make meaning raw condition by heart

in & other; And I am the master sketch & throughout; Galleries, shows a 125 collection of poems, books, paintings, printed in one of the drawings. Li lanqing initiation for master sketch ideas because of a simple and firm belief that the master in every historical period is the key to promote the development of Chinese culture, by the hope on the master drawing, let the world remember them, to carry forward Chinese culture.

at the art institute of guangxi normal university professor, dean of the closed book, li lanqing sketch avatars scale, structure, accurate, concise and picture not drab, brushwork skilled nature; Combination is god figures, scale and specialized master level. Especially & other; The sketch qi gong & throughout; Works, the qi gong the amiable, witty humor generation scholars and look perfectly.

the vice chairman of guangxi, guangxi college of art academy of fine arts dean LeiWuWu thinks, li lanqing when drawing portraits for masters adopted western sketch representation techniques, and the portraits, the modelling of a realistic ideal this with integrated Chinese traditional painting spirit and western traditional paintings and classical fusion together of the picture frame, has a new meaning, give the viewer a kind of special, illustrated, vivid visual effect.

the exhibition exhibited also li lanqing the calligraphy of the original 45 pieces, both ancient writing poetry masterpiece of work, also have a work content for the motto, feelings, remember.

guangxi calligrapher’s association, chairman of the WeiKeYi says, can be seen from the li lanqing calligraphy works, he attaches great importance to the tradition, but is not a simple LinXi, but not stick to the ancient, diligent thinking, good innovation. His calligraphy style from mood, coagulation source method body charm, comely our beauty, shows a wise calm attitude, view a sense of elegance of wen xin sides.

three drawings Spectacular

the Chinese character is the great creation of the Chinese nation, is the carrier of inheriting Chinese culture, but with the development of computer technology, the Chinese character writing is faced with unprecedented challenges and crisis, many teenagers not only can’t write Chinese calligraphy, even YingBiZi nor write, and many people even start to forget the words. Therefore, li lanqing deeply worried, in art at the opening ceremony, he and his attendance to share their creative ideas, and sincerely hope, through the seal cutting art carry forward the Chinese culture, & other; Let the seal cutting art follow era pace, close to the masses, to the real life, is fit, to spread Chinese excellent culture better. Throughout the &; This is the basic concept, li lanqing in seal cutting creation is also the purpose of the exhibition.

in 2003, li lanqing from national leadership positions after retirement, back to the old, in the artistic creation, is committed to the popularization of the traditional culture and high art to carry forward. In his years of seal cutting creation practice, put forward & other Throughout the public seal cutting &; From the concept, to promote the seal cutting art & other; Niche admire & throughout; Go & other; Public art & throughout; Physically.

autonomous operations director Yu Yi, said li lanqing as a persistent watchmen of excellent traditional culture, artistic innovation, brave pioneers of cultural undertakings of the tireless leader, he and other For public art, for art throughout the mass &; The creative practice and art pursuit is admirable.

autonomous region Pan Qi, chairman of the federation of li lanqing retirement & other; Fitness, the healthy brain, reading, writing & throughout; Self planning of eight guidelines that, he says art kind yangxin, li lanqing art practice with era pace, close to the public, press close to life, we need to borrow the host li lanqing art, literary and artistic creation, literary and artistic innovation boom, promote the development of district culture enterprise.

art historical and cultural significance of reality, need to inheritance and development to achieve, to spread and lead to complete. Guangxi arts college, dean of the school of Chinese painting yong-jian yu believes that the works of li lanqing make people not only obtain aesthetic pleasure, comprehend the life philosophy, more can from the experience to hard working spirit, and constantly create a kind of happiness.

theorists association, vice chairman of guangxi Huang Zusong believe that art is a kind of elegant and healthy way of life, a healthy lifestyle helps to life. WeiGuanZhe and art, illustrates the career and the relation of culture, and the creation of li lanqing, deepened our understanding of a culture requires politicians.

expert scholars think that li lanqing will always & other; Activity throughout the &; , & other Creation & throughout; And & other The pursuit of & throughout; On traditional culture and The Times under the big background of life, in the creation reflects the strong sense of mission and sense of responsibility and a high degree of cultural self-confidence, self-awareness, thought-provoking, and inspiring performance.