Li qingzhao father is housing expert forecast accuracy up to 20 years

bei song “red crane figure” can be seen from the top cranes under construction the style of the northern song dynasty palace.

song anonymous “jiang tianyi pavilion map”

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from the perspective of political, military and even the spirit of scholar-bureaucrat tube for more than 20 years to reveal the property market to accuracy

in A.D. 1105, the northern song dynasty by the name lee ge fei’s cadre, translation student, published an article about luoyang real estate report, report called “luoyang gardens”. He was DaSong west of the capital city of luoyang dozens of luxury residential and garden sampling analysis, and then combines for hundreds of years in luoyang area real estate trends, a short conclusion, the conclusion after 22 years was confirmed.

lee ge fei who is it? Is li qingzhao her dad.

what this report said what, exactly, exactly to what extent, let’s read about the report and the summary, namely “the luoyang gardens” and “the book & other luoyang gardens throughout the &; after”.