Liang shiqiu precious letters with rent in love poems about love the lovesickness

by the Taiwan known as calligraphy art foundation and fudan university jointly organized & other; Elegance in one hundred, the world throughout the years &; The modern famous calligraphy exhibition, opened at fudan university Cai Guan deep humanities hall yesterday. Wang guowei, liang shiqiu, xiong shili, Shao Lizi, fei xiaotong, Chen Wangdao, Xia Zhengnong, Zhu Dong embellish celebrities such as early correspondence with friends, and a variety of calligraphy works, totaling 118, many of which is the first public exhibition in mainland China.

master treasure, high artistic value

Experts involved in the

the exhibition, part is the famous calligraphy masters of arts, a high artistic value.

the old alumni, fudan university school dong yu you-ren, being hailed as calligraphy & other; Throughout our KuangDai &; The exhibited a total of more than ten pieces of his works. Can be seen clearly from these works, yu you-ren every three or five years will be in a signature, after 1949, he used only a fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo carved seal.

exhibits and wang guowei, floor of song in the sector, as well as yu you-ren collectively known as & other; North to south throughout shen &; Modern calligraphy everyone shen yin-mo large works & other; Article 10 the screen & throughout; . Allegedly, this picture & other; Article 10 the screen & throughout; Is one of the largest shen yin-mo calligraphy existing space, is also the most skilful shen yin-mo ChuJie fine pen. In addition, chang calligraphy written in December 1944, also & other; The whole body & throughout; The typical representative.

letters, historical literature value big

the modern famous calligraphy exhibition exhibited a significant number of letters, the content of the letters in the majority with books, learning to learn, there are many scholars in traversing the payment.

in an Shao Lizi letters to Mr Mustard dust, when as fudan university dong Shao Lizi incited to fudan donations, at that time, schools need to raise $300000 expansion of school buildings, every donation of 50000 yuan of above can be named building, he said: & other; Fudan to the southeast of the most famous private universities & hellip; & hellip; Han male fruit to southeast aspects of culture, when the school start & throughout; .

in the bourgeois democratic revolutionist, brothers co-founder zhu cover letter with the famous thinker in the communication, the other side of the cover letter zhu shows himself as a scholar & ndash; & ndash; He told hu shi, his research & other; Han feet & throughout; Length measuring unit (han dynasty) is more than one length, and circulate the former & other; Weeks’ have to han shakuhachi “& throughout; The inaccurate, hope his abroad through any more full than the references of domestic research.

in the member of Chinese academy of sciences, professors in plant pathology, microbiology and founder yu big fu letter to a press editorial office, you can see the famous scientist of our country grain white infection disease, serious threat to food production situation is worried.

exhibits and feng youlan “jia letters, fu sinian to dean LiuChen letters dated her wise men of letters, tien-fong cheng, liang shiqiu Chen Jiying letters, ba jin and aldrin Lin Yuan letters, DuanMuHongLiang wei qing letters etc.

show celebrity life humor

another window of the exhibition, the assemble is zhu zi-qing, shen congwen, and Lin yutang, summer Mian statue, xu zhimo and lu xiaoman, mei lanfang, liang shiqiu, feng zikai, hu shi, fei xiaotong, the teeth, he luding and other famous people’s private letters, record, and fully demonstrated their side.

in liang shiqiu cause JiYing letters, the great scholar talked about a lot of things after the migration of Taiwan have encountered difficult such as frustration and hardship that rent a house. He told JiYing, & other; Yesterday in anguish, buy hock a HKD (7 yuan), braised food, diarrhea all night long, so-called the poor happy there will be a disaster. Throughout the &; Similarly, in the summer Mian honour to his family, and also talked about their limited income, life difficult.

this letter to Liu Danlin, Chen mentioned & other; I’m busy recently, haven’t contact, because there are two children, so busy & throughout; , but the focus is on & other; Do you pay for the one thousand – word story how the payment. Throughout the &; There is a letter of xiong shili to press editors, xiong shili is the habit of writing written again see, draw the key ring, so his letter with a red pencil full circle, he focuses on & other; My body is bad, but you must hurry up my book published, and western book, don’t use line. Throughout the &;

hu shi to well-known calligrapher Zhang Longyan, also put him as a fun little poem: & other; Trouble was not escape, or love he does not love? Temples Xiao Chen hair, won’t take long for new debt & throughout; , & other I sing my song, and also don’t you & throughout; .

our reporter Jiang Peng