Liang sicheng valuable jade seal can Lin huiyin engagement in a courtyard

liang sicheng and Lin huiyin marriage story, over the past century has been famed for people. Exhibition site yesterday, in a letter to younger brother, Liang Qixun, detailed the liang sicheng and Lin huiyin bride price (betrothal) details, is the best witness of the legend of marriage. According to, deputy general manager of Beijing kuang shi Xie Xiaodong, & other Liang sicheng and Lin huiyin betrothal gifts throughout the &; On will be separately as a target, value of about 800000 yuan.

Lin Changmin’s attorney-general in the cabinet, the father of Lin huiyin, and liang qichao’s attorney-general in the successive Xiong Xiling cabinet and tuan chi-jui cabinet’s finance chief. Therefore, the combination of Lin huiyin and liang sicheng is suitable at that time.

in 1927, liang qichao sick to the hospital in tianjin, so write to ZhongDi Liang Qixun to raise this to see that the temple of the golden couple gift, gift, its Chinese bride price in & other Nan chang 54 & throughout; The courts. & other; For thought into has decided to get married in the United States (and I think suitable so that those two little not completely agree), rate of marriage is too short, so want to in a little solemn solemn betrothal gifts, I am not in Beijing, all is represented by his brother. Throughout the &;

according to liang qichao stated in the letter, GengTie ZhuoJunYong written by zhang cao masters of the republic of China, the lins relatives, and DaMei & other; Has certainly Lin Zai flat (liang qichao’s close friend, philosopher) & throughout; . GengTie need much size, hired who read, marry for how to write & hellip; & hellip; In charge of liang qichao’s letter to brother, arrangements for wen betrothal gifts each link is careful to the extreme, a scholarly family marriage custom template during the period of the republic of China. For example, to serve under please ZhuoJunYong & other; All red and single post & throughout; ; The lins worship post & other; Patients with double f (5 open full red), sleeve writing & lsquo; In-laws two master Lin second wife & rsquo; Throughout the &; ; & other; Salute is the best in the morning, the rise in the home please big bean meal (lunch) & throughout; And so on.

at that time, liang sicheng and Lin huiyin plans to travel abroad to marry, but liang qichao think love and marriage can not hasty, and Lin Changmin soon died, the little book wedding does serious, also be a comfort to the lins. So he is in the letter of the lins people especially careful arrangement, such as when arranging position, he is especially charged & other; Sitting position is the lins DaMei chief, my family DaMei times, your seats on behalf of the owner shall personally deliver wine words with & throughout; And to Liang Qixun will & other; The reason of inconvenience to Beijing, please apologize to two big bing and jun agent before & throughout; .

& other; Hired Lin Lin with a jade seal, according to your mundane the copy is a pair of, so when ZhongShu before purchase wek-jin and fixed, with jun mundane, bought two each one seal carved the bridegroom bride each name. Today is already bought my house, had better is double lins’ m&a to print to send me, but the inconvenience for this requirement, still buy one is from my house. But my family purchased the seals is not engraved badge sound (Lin huiyin formerly known as), but the time & lsquo; The appropriate long sons & rsquo; (tell you prepare couples can general mundane, it carved a auspicious) spiral only four words. Throughout the &; Letter of jade seal, although is just a piece of the dowry, but character, seals is thoughtful, father’s good intention from the page. Current price jade seal are mentioned in the letter of about 150 yuan, according to expert textual research, the price can be bought in Beijing at that time a courtyard.

(chu hoi)