Liang sicheng write articles in English: let the world know China

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this is our country famous architect liang sicheng’s 110th birthday. At the memorial meeting held in tsinghua university, foreign language teaching and research press published “why the study of Chinese architecture” english-chinese bilingual book. This book is a collection of liang sicheng 6 article on China’s ancient buildings, two letter addressed to American friends as an appendix. This article 6 are all a hotchpotch of liang sicheng to write in English, from the point of view of writing time, complete the 30 s to 50 s of the 20th century. Remains from the content point of view, both the case research, art and architecture in ancient China also has a macro is introduced and discussed systematically, comprehensively and full.

why liang sicheng writing these articles in English? Just to let know the Chinese culture in the west.

14 annual revenues of tsinghua liang sicheng, study in the United States to prepare school, life for eight years. He is learning western culture, or learning Chinese traditional culture. Liang sicheng in 1924 to study architecture, learning modern building technology and culture in the university of Pennsylvania, and is especially interested in western architectural history. Later he went to Harvard University study for a doctorate, chose & other; Throughout Chinese history of palace &; As the paper topics. As you can see, liang sicheng runs through the whole learning process of Chinese and western, ancient and modern culture blend.

in terms of family environment, his father was a famous politician, is a traditional Chinese people at the same time, hired from tsinghua university school of countries become one of the four great mentor. Liang qichao has twice to the americas and Europe. In Europe, he went to celebrate, Britain, Germany, Italy and other countries, in the better part of a European, examines the politics and culture, the western countries in his later years he is keen to promote Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges. Liang qichao’s deep national studies foundation and cultural thoughts, of course, will affect his children. Liang sicheng recalled his childhood, his father often taught to them in the evening the deeds of ancient traditional culture and national hero. Liang sicheng in tsinghua accident injury leg during hospitalization, while reading his father in his hospital bed even brush up on the analects of Confucius, mencius, zuozhuan, “ce” and other classics. During the period of study in the United States, liang qichao closely concerned about his education, still he will “create a French” to the United States, song dynasty commanded liang sicheng and Lin huiyin to study well. In liang and Lin married when he traveled around Europe, liang qichao and advice for them, not only going to Italy, France, these countries also should see islamic art and architecture in Turkey.

of school and family education, make liang sicheng has not only studies scholarship, and to establish the idea of the Chinese and western culture blend and early realized the significance of mutual exchanges and learning between Chinese and western culture. When liang sicheng decided to Chinese ancient palace as the research subject, see a few books about Chinese architecture are written by foreign scholars, namely decided to write by the Chinese architectural history of our nation. He completed in 1943 the Chinese architectural history books at the same time, also wrote “the image of Chinese architecture” in English in order to show the world China’s research results. Today we read other articles English writings, liang sicheng made us know as early as in 1932 he published the first piece of ancient building survey the jixian temple goddess of mercy pavilion entrance exam alone, or write the English version at the same time. Later before complete the image of Chinese architecture, and wrote more than Chinese building English writings. After the victory of Anti-Japanese War in 1947, liang sicheng is with the academic achievement should commit to give lectures. This is the first time the Chinese ancient Chinese architecture culture with scientific outlook, show in front of the world academia, finally make the Oriental cultural treasures to dust, replay light among the cultures of the world.

after the founding of new China, liang sicheng devoting themselves to their new construction, the job is busy, but still continued to write “Chinese architecture” in English version, not only discusses the history of ancient Chinese architecture, the development of new China’s construction is introduced in the paper. In the 1950 s, it was the new China foreign exchange a very difficult period, liang sicheng did not forget to continue to make efforts to let the world know China. Today, when China’s reform and opening to the world, we should not only let people know the world, let the world know China, only in the two-way continuously meet our nation can onto the road of revival and prosperity.