Liao Weitang: “purple life” and “the elder sister” GuDiao audience

Liao Weitang

Hong Kong film festival this year, I could see two games with music as the theme of the film, the Violeta Went to Heaven “(port” purple life “) and “the elder sister”, is a bitter tone & ndash; The people in the movie also bitter, music also bitter, but fortunately, music often shape up, save the singer.

new Chinese directors Hao Jie works “the elder sister”, involving the sixties and seventies of the last century the northern countryside, time and space, that is what I cannot bear to face look like stone pressure when the heart is heavy, until the last song was released as men medley. Although filming location is in Inner Mongolia, music is also the area & other; ErRenTai & throughout; & ndash; Between the men and qin its customs music, but it reminds me of my past the northwest. Hope is not the end of the loess hills narrow path, as the people of earth a knot in the same soil a knot in one’s life, we walk to the border areas of xinjiang, gansu province through some of the so-called migration village, is a state of impoverished barren, but people are still life, flowers and love. Like in the beautiful sister of iron eggs to his dad, & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; In the blind, but also remember the elder sister of the voice, also can return to piano duet with her fluent.

and copywriting, posters, but involves the hero iron eggs and the elder sister, the elder sister of her three daughters between ambiguous or bold and unrestrained or repressed emotions, but this is not a runaround erotic stories, but a story music heritage. As iron egg ask three girl where did you learn to song? Three girl answer: your dad taught me mom, my mom taught me again. The elder sister is the important link in the middle. The elder sister isn’t a stepmother, she love to iron egg is singleness of maternal love, three daughters fall like a spinning wheel, the fates apart in different ways the fate of the weave iron eggs.

cool day as whips the poor people, one can do is singing. & other; ErRenTai & throughout; Singing sharp dripping wet, content is common hot whether, like the men but much more than the men sand slungshot qi, iron eggs a shrieked and explosive force of northwest man. I had four northwest trip, there are two heard the flowers, once heard the qin. Deeply that is hard life had to send a cavity hemorrhagic, lyrics big love, hate, although sometimes unavoidable bloody, but better than hypocritically soft love songs of the real. Love is much more pain, sings is bold and unrestrained, Spain e Ming music is such.

as the actor feng four iron eggs, itself, is the head of a group of Inner Mongolia mobile ErRenTai play, featuring the most free for a period of a person sitting on a truck car bucket improvisation, singing, the sun and a warm southerly breeze roar, this basically is his condition. Feng four singing very passionate commitment, his close their eyes a loud whistling, tore heart crack lung, not do not spit out the ease of loess in one thousand. In the film to his & other; Crazy to sing & throughout; Arranged the reason: an unrequited love with big wench and complete despair, von four had no such love affairs in reality is unknown, but facing the loess back patient suffering and cultivates the lusts of the corresponding hot in full bloom, the tension becomes stretches endless pictures at the end of the sunflower field, if this was the last crop of Vincent van gogh that hot, crows in the fit out here is the voice of the singer who has split.

the Violeta Went to Heaven, “there is extreme hot sun and bursting in the wilderness, its protagonist Violeta Parra is famous folk goddess, Chile is Chile & other; The new song & throughout; The main movement and sponsor, is also a talented painter and poet, a local opera in China in walk of the singing art achievements can not be with her, of course, but the constituent parts of their world, nurturing their music so similar. Chile desolate mountains by west bitter, hard as central plains Violeta Parra father also like iron egg’s father, was a frustrated folk musicians, but Latin ethnic heritage is would rather die of combustion will not survive, so Violeta Parra father professor in the school singing, in a small pub drinking, hit a harp, die of anger, iron egg’s father survived, the elder sister asked him why blind, he will smile say forget forget to stop.

iron eggs ErRenTai such as qin, purely to people’s basic desire heaved sigh to resist, and cabin day. Violeta Parra Indian folk inheritance of Chile, so it is to love and hate sadness, but Violeta Parra deeply the influence of left-wing rebel spirit in South America at that time, gave her a folk more rebellious and militancy. The latter gives the beauty of the music and rebellious, but also tear the singer at the same time, make Violeta Parra flame and heavy rain in the song of the same.

& other; Mr Zardari & throughout; , & other Gaga & throughout; , like the acoustic guitar under strong torsional ponticello, the fate of the adjustable twang runs through this background, in the end you will realize this is Violeta Parra toil for folk tents in Chile in the high mountain rain swept the struggles for a voice. Violeta Parra fate and the fate of contemporary revolution in South America, regardless of their passionate keyed their stuck the dash. The poverty in South America and magic, let revolution is different from China, here also is nothing, but the former is more have the courage to imagine.

Violeta Parra and her brigades (including her brother & other; The poet & throughout; Para, her changed the Chile Parra family of contemporary art, she cut the theater & middot; Ernesto guevara DE la serna and allende & hellip; & hellip;) Face to face with real, sing is burning sun song, spicy, such as tequila. Her song poetry and some fate made me think of another burning poet: Peru, Vallejo (Cesar Vallejo). The poem also tore heart crack lung of vallejo, flying at the top of the sun the white-hot and the night the coldest frosts corner. Continuous rain in Paris and endless chains with a foot injury, the indians he hate that makes him a white world of black bread, but there have to make their most the nightingale’s voice. Violeta Parra, too, she in order to grasp the opportunity to polish music festival, careless give primary young children take care of the crash in infancy; With her lover in Paris to promote music and painting from Chile, return again and again ignored or misunderstood, finally, because of her strong self lost young lovers.

from the father to the young to the old singer in the mountains, to herself, Violeta Parra life death never rest stop. & other; If we can’t find her, the world will forget her. Throughout the &; Violeta Parra around with a young son in the mountains on the way between said to him, she is an elderly woman ballad writer, is also said that she actually. But when they go to the house of the female singer, singers just died, from narrow bed to move to another small wooden coffin.

all luthiers went away, leaving only a harp, hung on the wall, Violeta Parra son continues to take out the recorder, he can only record the air, string flutter in the wind. How many people are looking forward to leave a sound, which cannot, including the early death of children. Violeta Parra is a great contribution to Chile folk she run out of youth, in every corner of feet beat Chile collected thousands of the most rebellious of folk songs, and her voice at the same time, melt refining these ghosts of hatred in their own strong voice, hair is embedded with resolute song.

& other; You have so many identity & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; , & other I choose to stay with people. Throughout the &; This is Violeta Parra the answer to the last the most determined. Although she has itself caught in a maelstrom of fate such as tents, opened its wings and swaying was blown off. Song of her resentment, such as in the book of songs & other; The evil & throughout; Query, query was the earth, to love and to the enemy, until everything in life and the ghost to clap for her. Violeta Parra died of suicide, because love also, because the cause of folk hard, after her death, allende for her spirit, dictator banned her name and her songs, but until now, South America and even the world to fight injustice of the scene, there is still a young man sang her anger and love, GuDiao is also “of life for the poor.

the author is a prominent Hong Kong poet