Liaoning seed of cao cao: DNA tests confirmed that cao xueqin cao cao is descent

redology researchers Cao Zuyi verified by DNA it as the seed of cao cao, he said the latest research results support & other; Cao xueqin said originally from rushan mountain & throughout;

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cao xueqin yes offspring?

recently, claims to cao cao, becoming the 70th ruler of Japan, sun Cao Zuyi said he proposed & other Cao xueqin said originally from shandong rushan mountain & throughout; By the ministry of education key laboratory of fudan university modern anthropology DNA test results and genealogy comparison, confirmed & other; Cao xueqin cao cao descendants throughout the &; The claim.

redology researchers:

tree shows I and cao xueqin’s surname

about cao xueqin’s ancestral home, has traditionally been called many things, there are rich, liaoyang, tieling, said a Wu Yang said, recommending virtuous man, flower pond, and said xing-cheng, hebei positive definite, and so on.

10 years ago and Cao Zuyi proposed & other; Rushan county said & throughout; .

recently, the reporter contacted and Cao Zuyi.

Cao Zuyi, claims to cao cao’s 70th generation of sun, beginning in 1985, began to study a dream of red mansions. At first, he was trying to figure out the purpose of this his house with cao cao xueqin whether consanguinity, after more than ten years research, he combines the dagushan Cao Guqing twenty years made genealogy, harvest a lot & other; Accident & throughout; .

according to Cao Zuyi his ancestors lived 300 years ago in rushan county, location is the NingHaiZhou village in henan, which recorded in his genealogy, & other; I around sichuan small yunnan RenShi origin, originally from shandong’s state NingHaiZhou henan village in deep mountain club dimethyl RenShi & throughout; . Was found after to find relevant information, as described in henan village at the beginning of the next town village in henan.

Cao Zuyi said he found in the research on many years of a dream of red mansions, cao xueqin his genealogy with & other; The first ten poems & throughout; Light poem riddles, wrote in “a dream of red mansions” the fiftieth time. The mystery of poems were recorded 10 people, the first three is the ancestor, the fourth to the tenth cao xueqin is considered the father of the shandong Cao Xizhang until he this generation. Recovery of genealogy is as follows: ancestor cao cao, xelloss, cutting; Shandong ancestor Cao Xizhang (Cao Xiyuan) & ndash; & ndash; Cao Lin & ndash; & ndash; Cao Wenlong & ndash; & ndash; Cao mountain (Cao Xi) & ndash; & ndash; Cao Yin, Cao Xuan & ndash; & ndash; Cao Yong, cao e ? ? ˉ & mda & ndash; Cao xueqin.

the donggang dagushan cao cao genealogy is: shandong ancestor Cao Xizhang & ndash; & ndash; Cao Yun & ndash; & ndash; Cao Yuanlong & ndash; & ndash; Cao Dai & ndash; & ndash; Cao Zongkong & ndash; & ndash; Cao product (Cao Dahan) & ndash; & ndash; Cao Yancong.

can be seen from the family tree, cao xueqin’s home and Cao Zuyi dagushan cao home kiss of liaoning on the name van word is consistent, which can prove that the two of them with cao home is this family genealogy, share a common ancestral home, namely the NingHaiZhou village in henan.

in mid-january, fudan university, the ministry of education key laboratory of modern anthropology research and made a DNA test about seed of cao cao, staff came to shandong rushan city at the beginning of the town of henan province village, in the village and took a total of seven blood or saliva samples, is a verification whether the village cao villagers is descended from cao cao.

after the examination, one of the first four sample extraction Y chromosome type, and the previous cao cao offspring of Y chromosome detection results are the same.

& other; They also looked at the rushan mountain village, henan cao cao genealogy, with our family tree has on & lsquo; Tin, rain, dragons, mountain & rsquo; Four generations of ancestors of van words & ndash; & ndash; This is the earliest ancestor of our existing genealogy. Throughout the &; Cao Zuyi said the DNA test results and genealogy, supports the cao xueqin ancestral home & other; Rushan county said & throughout; .

redology researchers:

& other; Blood test pro & throughout; Confirmed that I am cao cao’s seventieth generation of sun

Cao Zuyi said about me is that cao cao posterity, fudan university and other Blood test pro & throughout; The experiment has confirmed.

on December 27, 2009, henan anyang county feng township west high hole village west high cave tomb, the archaeologists digging as Cao Caogao mausoleum.

on January 22, 2010, the ministry of education key laboratory of fudan university modern anthropology issued a solicitation, facing the whole country for modern cao man of DNA, to verify that the male identity remains whether cao cao’s tomb. After get the news, Cao Zuyi far go to Shanghai, to the ministry of education key laboratory of fudan university modern anthropology contributed 3 ml of blood.

on December 29, 2011, fudan university team officially released results of the study, six offspring be certified as cao cao cao family, test results prove that: liaoning donggang dagushan fort, tieling waist two cao Y chromosome, the measured results of O2 * haploid group (M95 M268 +, -, M176 -). Among them is the representative figure of Cao Zuyi donggang cao home. & other; Cao Zuyi is cao cao & throughout; The scientific certification.

about myself is & other; Cao cao throughout seventy generation & sun; The Cao Zuyi appear very confident. There are two Cao Zuyi said he can prove that the family is indeed the offspring of cao cao.

first, family word of mouth. Cao Zuyi said, according to the genealogical records, liaoning donggang around from shandong braving the journey to donggang dagushan qing dynasty years, family, word of mouth is cutting (son of cao cao, xelloss grandson) seed.

second, according to the existing tree can be confirmed. Cao Zuyi said, & other; According to the rules of genealogy and van words, from cutting, cao xueqin van & lsquo; Delay & rsquo; Word, cao cao is 64 generation of sun, and I am cao cao’s seventieth generation of sun. Throughout the &;

the current investigation of unplanned DNA with cao xueqin cao cao family family

fudan university cao cao family genes do research results confirm & other; Cao xueqin cao cao descendants throughout the &; ?

cao cao family genes of fudan university, fudan university college of life science research group experts, professor li expressed, on the blood relationship, shandong rushan county of liaoning donggang jia-he cao cao home is indeed a, but the tree does not relate with cao xueqin family blood relationship, in which cao xueqin is a direct descendant of the family or kin materials only a few people, so we can not judge the DNA of the cao family research results have what kind of relationship with the family of cao xueqin.

according to introducing, in the process of cao family genetic research, ethnic claims related to the family of cao xueqin cao surname is among them, but the team did not make it a special survey, their research is based on cao cao as the center.

and cao xueqin’s family is the seed of cao family, this is not to rely on a around two groups will be able to determine, you need to comb, project to complete, more need to claim to be related to the family of cao xueqin cao surname all ethnic identity investigation, did not have the plan and research aspects. Our correspondent fujue photo

cao cao DNA is a rare type, the posterity is hard to fake

modern anthropology of education key laboratory of fudan university professor li hui said: & other; The study lasted three years, because involves sampling and experimental analysis, etc. We get the conclusion that cao cao (most likely) of the Y chromosome type, belongs to a rare type, we called on the Y chromosome classification O2 – M268 type. Throughout the &;

use DNA paternity test technology is already very mature technology, but to cao cao, identification of nearly 2000 years ago, there can be no absolute reliable sample, how to do? Group adopted a number of the chain of evidence to support each other. First widely collect contemporary around male gene by genetic laboratory sample, draw a picture of genetic map, and see what cao from many ancestors. While history scholars through analyzing all kinds of data collecting, cao cao offspring possible clues. For the first time in the process of hundreds of cao family made a comprehensive combing research. According to the information times