Lin biao’s notes: MAO zedong idiomatic fabricated trick to prevent it

Lin biao and MAO (figure)

this article from the temperature forays, the sweat, hai-guang wang zhao, kyushu press

after a few years for illness & other; Keep & throughout; And observational studies the political winds change within the party, ponder the psychological, have a good result of political speculation wrist. MAO zedong formed in the course of Chinese revolution supreme prestige, the leadership of the party has no doubt the core status. The most high-profile political question, Lin biao is how the mood, and regard it as the keys to play politics, to their desires.

Lin biao presided over military commission after work, pay more attention to observing and analyzing the thoughts of MAO zedong’s movements and actions, comes in holding the great flag of MAO zedong thought, and pose & other; Follow & throughout; Attitude, to how to get trust from MAO zedong to his words and deeds.

from 1960 to 1960, Lin biao, read a lot of books (including hiring lectures and extract of Chinese and foreign famous sayings) for him. He read a lot of history books, such as Chinese and foreign history book,, warlords of dynasties of historical data, literature data and founding emperors and biographies of some politicians, for, yuan shikai, Peiping, hu tsung-nan investigated, dai, etc. He will teach the fierce political tactics, in the history of yu and serve on the wrist, the experiences and lessons of success or failure gain and loss to extract a lot of study CARDS for him. Lin biao interested in studying political expediency, he wrote down some notes and Ye Qun also.

Lin biao to read a book on eyes, not from the history of ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign learn the correct way of governing, but addicted to political expediency. Want to knowledge to improve political opportunism, nourish the only power for personal ambition.

in his remark result of random notes, can see Lin biao to try to the inner world of MAO zedong praises behind. Pick a few example:

he fabricated for you a first & other; Throughout your &; Opinions, and then he to your opinion. No, and fabrication is the old east (note: MAO zedong) tactic, when noticed this in the future.

hair, should take care of him, make him no need little help, he would have a big help. Every initiative and on its political merit justice initiative to point out, then he since there is no necessary.

you said the first east, he said the west. Therefore, when he first said to be consistent.

he worship of self, the ego superstition, worship him, work for himself, and a man.

insist & other; Left & throughout; High profile.

in Ye Qun notes, have to deal with MAO zedong’s & other; Should the method (for) & throughout; A. There are:

three points with smile.

the third: to response, to praise, want to report good news.

grasp a number (MAO) living thought.

grasp, he wants to do things on the agenda.

from his (its), to his (report) to him.

different from those recorded time, evasive, intermittent usu. in two lines, comments, notes, faintly visible and Lin biao couple of trickery, backstabbing, dark psychological engagements. This kind of the expansion of the dark psychological and personal ambition, bound to lead to the end of the party the nation by mistake.