Lin daiyu and Monroe, who was the more beautiful? European and American aesthetic standard a few into the world

about the United States, is an eternal topic, also is a let a person think deeply.

today’s city, rich or poor, every adult women have their own beauty products, big bottle of canister, or expensive imports, or cheap cold cream, apply face, much a few minutes the confidence. In fact, historically, women have been looking for all kinds of beauty products, is a pursuit, enthusiasm.

a history of beauty, is also a history of drug. In China, in the early period of shells, the ancients is realized in the life practice, magical in nature flowers and plants can not only cure, still have links and beauty, at that time the woman has already started to use red and blue flowers yan dao rouge condensed juice to make bright lip is about to drip. King wen of zhou period, the woman has been widely used zinc powder to clean face. In our country the first pharmaceutical monograph of cold-induced febride, a total of 365 kinds of listed drugs, which recorded there are dozens of have hairdressing effect of drugs, such as & other Winter melon seeds is ze, good color, replenishing qi is not hungry, long take intellectual man fit throughout the old & resistance; , & other Color of angelica dahurica long skin, moist, can make face fat & throughout; , & other Shading, white batryticated silkworm destroy a good complexion & throughout; And so on. In addition, the book also describes the ginger, scallion, big jujube, sesame and 20 the hairdressing action of a variety of foods.

the western han dynasty period, huo qubing defeat the huns, the latter’s exiled MoBei helter-skelter, left a sad ballad: & other; Lost my qilian mountain, I am not FanXi cattle and sheep; I defy mountain, women have no color to me. Throughout the &; The posterity, & other; How throughout the &; Namely, & other Rouge & throughout; Grass, yan mountain is rich in rouge, the huns in the beauty of women, visible, even the wasteland, the north wind, the pursuit of beauty or with misty rain jiangnan in general.

add color rouge, the ancients and the pursuit of skin white as snow. Idioms & other; Excessive magnificence washed & throughout; The & in the other Lead China & throughout; , is refers to the lead powder, as early as the shang dynasty, Chinese have discovered a lead compound has a whitening effect. The ancients burn lead powder, and put on the skin on the face for whitening. Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, the pursuit of beauty is a price to pay, we can imagine, then, how to face the whole white beauty, many fall a lead poisoning. Japanese heian story picture, painted a beautiful Wang Jizhong just over 40 years old skin was burned out pieces of black, because of lead oxide with much more. In the 19th century, developed the lead-free powder in the world. Japan also Yu Mingzhi, taisho period import lead-free white powder. Showa nine years (1934), the Japanese government announced a ban on using lead powder. Warbler dung bleaching is stronger, many Japanese women used it as a skin whitening agent.

in many cases, health and beauty, doesn’t seem to supplement each other. Even in medicine highly developed today, cosmetic is still hard to say, some cosmetics can also be found in trace amounts of lead, and mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals. Scientists in Britain have published a research report, points out that for every day use cosmetics, European women on average a year to absorb chemicals about 2.3 kg. These chemicals, of course it is not just beautiful.

whether & other; King chu waist, palace many starved to death & throughout; Or & other; Once cast XinZhuang old sample, sixth for painting black smoke eyebrow & throughout; , historically, there is always stand in the fashion forefront. Only after a mean lady, she switched to ink smoke thrush, even let tang dynasty indigo naturalis and charcoal unsalable greatly. That year, the palace is the fashion trends. Tang dynasty is an era of all rivers run into sea, good guys a lot. According to research, the palace was once a popular & other; Bruise makeup & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; In shave off eyebrows up and down, with a red purple flames SanSiTiao crossing, then daub to melt it with his fingers, looks bloody, greatly popular at one time. The yuanhe years, makeup and changed, & other; Gills no shi zhu surface, no powder. Wu paste injection locking lips like mud, the double eyebrow paintings of eight is low. Round Huan sample no temples to vertebral bun, inclined red not dizzy ochre and make-up. Throughout the &; Bai juyi this little times makeup song became yuanhe third-century summer popular fashion makeup look published word & ndash; & ndash; Face with ochre, black mud lip and eyebrow horoscopes, towering vertebral bun, looks like today & other; Expression of makeup & throughout; Swept the country, unexpectedly again.

in different time, the aesthetic is not the same. Yuefu folk songs on the safety of mulberry said: & other; Xi, a white Lian Lian quite must & throughout; , everything is nothing, this is the standard handsome man more than two thousand years ago. Someone joked that if through to the tang dynasty, it was stunned by the.

said some textual research, aesthetic view of the special times, and even changed history. Richard & middot; Mr. Alex described in “the alternative history of western civilization”, in the key time of the battle of Waterloo, napoleon piles made, so unable to fight in a line command, but lie in the tent. Some may suggest that napoleon is beaten by the Paris fashion & ndash; & ndash; Battle the critical moment, napoleon hemorrhoids attack, pain, have to back to the tents opium to pain, and the cause of napoleon hemorrhoids attack, was at that time, he likes to wear tight pants, why do you like tight pants? Because is very popular at that time.

his early novel “the bell tower,” wrote a beauty in the qing dynasty: & other; The daughter is very beautiful & ndash; & ndash; Nature is according to the aesthetic standards. She has an oval face, thin and long eyes, the nose flat flat and round white nose, a cherry small mouth of the tunnel has a modest moles on his chin right side. Throughout the &; Today, this is, of course, not the beauty. It has been the photos of the qing dynasty palace concubine’s stomach & ndash; & ndash; But at the time, it is beauty. The blonde, is ugly & ndash; & ndash; Don’t say the qing dynasty, is a few decades ago, Chinese people also can’t accept a foreigner. American journalist that fox & middot; Butterfield in the misery of ups and downs & ndash; & ndash; free from 10 years the havoc of China book recorded such a story: he is travelling in a provincial capital in central China, the river boat at first to see him, frighten prone on the cabin, ran into a ghost.

in the world today, although there are primitive tribe is beautiful with long neck, do not hesitate to put on layers of collar, long neck and body out, or in mouth, for beauty, even on the tongue fixed a big basin hold your mouth, but most places, aesthetic standards in Europe and the United States for the standard & ndash; & ndash; If nothing else, he said of Chinese cities now building, are scrambling to take a foreign name. Today, Lin daiyu and Marilyn & middot; Monroe together, more appreciate the beauty of who? Speechless, depressed.

(” xinhua daily telegraph on November 11, 2011)