Lin yutang posterity to press dangdang network copyright infringement claims 150000

(reporter Zhang Yuxue) modern famous writer Lin yutang’s later generations think jilin people’s publishing house, Beijing dangdang information technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as dangdang) without permission, publishing, sales, “Lin yutang speak Chinese” respectively, 150000 yuan will appeal both claim.

yesterday morning, won a court hearing the case.

the plaintiff claims nearly 160000 yuan

pingyuan three such as the plaintiff, according to Mr Lin yutang’s death in 1976, they is the successor to Mr Lin yutang works copyright. Jilin people’s publishing house published as a professional unit, ought to know to obtain the legal authorization of the copyright owner of the published work of another. But it ignored the rights of the copyright owner, without the consent of the plaintiff in January 2009, published a 300000 – word Mr Lin yutang Lin yutang speak Chinese. Dangdang network sales of the book.

three citing tort, the plaintiff will jilin people’s publishing house and dangdang appeal, demands respectively to stop publishing, marketing and recover, destruction of unsold books, apologize, plaintiff economic loss of 150000 yuan for compensation and reasonable expenses 9559 yuan.

press acknowledged unauthorized

yesterday, jilin people’s publishing house party, argues that the publication of 5000 copies of the book did not involved after the authorization, but have been trying to contact Lin yutang’s successor, request authorization. & other; We publish the book is not a for-profit, but in order to carry forward Chinese traditional culture, the subjective fault is small. The plaintiffs 150000 compensation, we think too much. Throughout the &; The press party says it is willing to reconciliation and written apology and the plaintiff.

dangdang has said that as a network platform for merchants, namely in 2011 signed books procurement contract with jilin people’s publishing house, legal sources.

& other; Our obligation to reasonable review, (later) has been involved in books for the shielding and delete, and stopped the sales behavior. Throughout the &; Dangdang agent says, oneself do not exist subjective offence, not bear tort liability.

at the end of the trial, using the two sides expressed a willingness to accept the court mediation.

the case to the court did not.

Lin yutang

(October 1895 & ndash; & ndash; In march, 1976), fujian. Formerly known as happy, after the change of CV 18, don, pen name donkey, zai yu, or green, etc. The Chinese modern famous writer, scholars and linguists. The early studying abroad, back home in Beijing university and other famous university, settled in Taiwan in 1966, had written. Representative works include “Jian breeze set”, the Beijing cloud “, “wisdom” and so on.