Line global sun tzu: Japan’s well-known Chinese businessman “five art of war”

king of Japan’s leading Chinese businessman, in science and technology co., LTD., chairman of Wang Yuanyao in present company development vision to China news agency reporters.

& other; Sun tzu’s the art of the role of overseas Chinese and overseas struggle is large, we will use it consciously unconsciously. Throughout the &; This is the king in Japanese member of the standing committee of the Chinese general chamber of commerce, science and technology co., LTD., chairman of Wang Yuanyao see reporter said after the first sentence. In an interview in the nearly two hours, he introduced his entrepreneurial experience and business philosophy, which runs through the core of sun tzu’s thought. Reporters will be summarized as & other; Five set throughout the part &; :

strategic & other; Devise & throughout;

Wang Yuanyao was born in 1968 in fujian fuqing, at his own expense to study in Japan in 1987, 1996 years after graduation into the IBM Japan company. In the process of IBM, he keenly observed that happened in 1995 & other; Hanshin earthquake & throughout; Loss of data, many enterprises make Japan kansai region at a time when the computer is fast popularization, data management for the enterprise provides a huge market space. At the end of 2000, he had to give up stable white-collar jobs, set up their own king science and technology co., LTD., mainly engaged in the business enterprise data management.

& other; Soldiers, subtlety also & throughout; . Wang Yuanyao know, small firms to survival and development, from the weak strong, want to rely on wisdom. In 2002, China’s lenovo group, digital China decided to enter Japan, looking for a partner, he learned that information after active partners, not only with its products in Japan agency, also received the capital support, the company’s image and strength increase greatly. For money to our company’s high-speed development bottleneck, Wang Yuanyao began to think of listed companies, when the financial crisis swept the world, Japan’s stock market plunged, listed would be tantamount to suicide. Wang Yuanyao immediately adjust strategy to purchase stock way disguised as major shareholders of listed companies, a pass for the corporate world. In 2010, Wang Yuanyao again buy a gem listed companies in Japan, become the two major shareholders of listed companies.

management & other; Set throughout the letter &;

& other; Credibility is wealth & throughout; . Wang Yuanyao believed in sun tzu’s the art, especially cherish, value companies & other; Credibility & throughout; , as the lifeblood of enterprises. Company was founded in the early, the scale is small, weak, less customers. He used his work aside for IBM connections, each house visit potential customers, and by providing them with high quality products and services, gradually won the trust and customer increased steadily.

with lenovo group, digital China successful cooperation, greatly improving the Wang Yuanyao company’s visibility and credibility, many large enterprises have become his fixed customers, the company entered the leap development stage. For stable relations with customers, deepen their trust and Wang Yuanyao seldom eat at home. After more than 10 years of development, the science and technology co., LTD. Wang has been more than 1000 stable customers, annual turnover of more than 70 yen.

on talent & other; Will & throughout;

Wang Yuanyao use sun tzu’s the art & other; Days throughout the land law &; , develop talent strategy of the company. Unlike a lot of overseas Chinese enterprises, Wang Yuanyao extensive use of Japanese staff. At present, the Japanese employees accounted for about 90% of the company’s employees. Oddly, all the Japanese employees are willing to work in the company. Talk about one of the mysteries, Wang Yuanyao said he respect every employee, pay attention to play to their strengths, as far as possible for them to create a relaxed and pleasant working environment. Japanese companies to work overtime is famous all over the world, Wang Yuanyao is different. He encourage employees to work efficiently, on time to and from work. This enabled him to win the respect and trust. Wang Yuanyao told reporters that his Japanese employees of the company are proud to work in overseas Chinese enterprises.

students born Wang Yuanyao knows, in the day with a large number of talents in Chinese students, they are proficient in language and culture between China and Japan, familiar with the business practices and rules, the two countries is the bridge of communication between the two huge market. In the future, he plans to recruit more excellent students. Wang Yuanyao also took a fancy to another people treasure & ndash; & ndash; Japanese technical personnel retirement. These people just retired, has rich experience in technology and management, energy is strong, also willing to continue to contribute to society. At present, he has hired as advisers, help company ideas, solve various problems.

management & other; Be a law & throughout;

the grandson said: & other; General, still early, is in law & throughout; . Wang Yuanyao attention study Japanese & other; God of business & throughout; Konosuke matsushita to make good use of sun tzu’s the art enterprise management experience, will & other; Honest effort & throughout; As the company’s training, require all employees recite every day in the morning. He reference famous companies such as panasonic regulations, formulate a suitable for your company’s system, with system pipe, to institutional guarantee quality.

in the articles of association of the company at the same time, Wang Yuanyao adhere to honesty and credit, law-abiding business, respect for the Japanese business practices, the company has won the customers trust. Although the company a good momentum of development, but Wang Yuanyao moment don’t forget to hard entrepreneurship, often remind employees to save plain. Where he simple office furnishings, office building is not conspicuous. He told reporters that he is still open now Japan’s domestic cars, rather than expensive imported cars. Reporter noticed a detail, after the interview, Wang Yuanyao send reporters to the subway station, walk out of the office, he also don’t forget to turn off the lights.

market & other; Positioning & throughout;

Wang Yuanyao very the attention of sun tzu’s the art & other; Terrain & throughout; , and entrepreneurship at the beginning of the company is located in Tokyo Japan near the bridge. Bridge is located in central Tokyo, Japan, the birthplace of Tokyo’s business, big companies with nearby. Wang Yuanyao company located in here, is to say the company bigger and stronger determination. Just more than 10 years, he shares or holding company has 15, business involving computer software, household appliances sales, solar cells, and other fields.

Wang Yuanyao tells a reporter, he established in the next 10 years the company development plan, by 2020, the company annual sales of 100 billion yen. To that end, he will shrink the industrial chain, the company focus on software, such as solar cells, energy conservation and environmental protection industry and tourism industry. In addition, he traveled more than 70 cities and counties across Japan & other familiar; Terrain & throughout; And familiar with Japan and China will make full use of own two market advantages, intensify investment in China. & other; I will from the Chinese traditional culture, including sun tzu’s the art of drawing, strive to achieve your goals at an early date. Throughout the &; Wang Yuanyao said hopefully.