Literary young woman syndrome: the thirst for knowledge is greater than the longing for love

yes, you can often meet them. In some fashion small parties, a rock show or a quiet and inspiring — small bookstore. Maybe small bookstore one and they have the same & other; Breath & throughout; The male host. However, he always not usually.

their untimely and keep up. They make people love a forbidding place. They appreciate each other seems to become a system oneself again.

maybe they not beautiful, but there is always a kind of gentle beauty and delicate from the bottom of my heart overflow, emerge in the face, hair, bare arm, and the white and the calf of sadness.

their thirst for knowledge may be greater than the longing for love, because it is through & also the other; Knowledge & throughout; Keen intuition, and make them understand that what oneself is the most reliable.

so, they will give up or refuse the call of the love and attract? No, of course not.

they need love zi watering, to awaken dormant in inner imagination and desire for quite a long time, then let oneself with filling and no yearning feeling floating on the river of love. Endless.

as you put the bow strings, expecting that it sent the most delicate, the most remote and lingering sound.

remind of a literary young women who is bold and shy with me about her a memorable love experience & ndash; & ndash; In that moment, I think of nature, a leaf’s perceptions of the star rain or dew.

them with love and fear, sadness, and hope, acceptance and rejection, reason and sensibility walk or run in the day and night, somewhere between waking and dream & ndash; & ndash; Edge and the public, public and private, real and vanity.

there is a real and mystery, simple and noble, edge and public areas of public and private. A blurred and pure and fresh scenery line.

in their daily life and their sadness, ridicule, fever, false words, and you may also see a & other; Performance & throughout; Signs.

yes, can this right. Ask, this year who not show show?

however, & other; Throughout the literature &; , but culture and art, it is a solid and a splendid culture, from ancient to today’s classic miracle, is not easy to offend, touch of the divine being. Not show and performance.

by the way, some of them consider to get married. So, they would choose a what kind of husband? The future life? At this point, maybe not the suspense, roughly every person on earth is about the same.