: “little valentine” refers to the son to be a classic fairy tale may be poison

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/evening news reporter jeng-yi shieh reported

recently, the famous writer, screenwriter & other; Weibo war small three & throughout; For media and netizens, suspected to play “minds” by many people, new book Thai preheating hype. Earlier in the new conference, have been clarified, yesterday released a new book, “little valentine” has been set up as early as last year, I the son of the title refers to the, not allude & other; Small 3 & throughout; . While the himself face to face with pain, admitted that he was in at the end of abortion, and it is circle of friends of jiayi zhang clean didn’t make her out of my depression.

summing up the viewpoint of the parenting tips interpretation trendy

Thai recorded his son to be in this the most precious of life’s most key of preschool period the wonderful fragment, and parents in the book is on the edge of the and her husband in marriage before the misfortune, but those peacefully for a strict mother father my young children the daily life of peace and warmth. In addition, the in book & other; Small rival in love & throughout; In the kindergarten, also refers to the son have a girlfriend.

there was 8 years teaching experience, summed up a lot of unique in Thai parenting tips, including & other; A classic fairy tale may be poison & throughout; , & other Support throughout the destructive force of the children &; , & other Kindergarten also have the law of the jungle & throughout; , & other Mother to play the woman, more babies early independent & throughout; Such as point of view, she said: & other; Many fairy tale books is not suitable for the children speak now, such as the stepmother image, in the fairy tale that make up the story, estimates that the divorce rate is not common, everyone as much as possible to manufacture the putative foe, never want to hundreds of years, a lot of home have a stepmother, the education has formed a great trouble. Throughout the &; At home, I often have kicked the laptop, keyboard, for children enormous destructive power, she is on the premise of not affect others strongly support, & other; That may also be a kind of study needs and creating potential. Throughout the &; Also attaches great importance to common children in kindergarten and tear, think & other; Children cannot have the shadow of bullying psychological as a child, a lot of heart trauma are children time left, I will let the son to learn the necessary counterattack. Throughout the &; As for the parenting & other; The secret & throughout; , the is offering & other; Playing throughout the &; Big, & other; Pet show MOE’s mother like a child depends on another child, independent sensible child like an adult love with another man. We often have to coax her mother and son with his own game, but also deliberately give up mother happy scene. Throughout the &;

that had a miscarriage grateful friend clean

although new starting, begins the ridicule media & other; I guess everyone here which is not interested in my book came to here & throughout; , but hot spots at present, there are still a reporter with the possibility of huge psychological pressure and despised, after high-profile gossip question, in addition to repeatedly to own & other; River’s lake status & throughout; And books sales confirmed that it is not hype of the accident, with reporters to share her most little-known sorrow: & other; Last year I was pregnant, is this year. December 1, because my body reason, this in my womb for 6 months daughter died, I be rescue come over, this is the first time I so close to death, as if to see, small white angel waved to me, the sky was bright. At that time, I have strong will to live, life let me determined to go not to give up the biggest reason, because I have to. But this blow for me is still very big, I have worked with the friends all know that the child has accumulated I very much hope that, after losing her, some time I am very depressed, even has a tendency to depression. Throughout the &;

and let one of the keys to the regrouped, is a circle of friends jiayi zhang & other; Philosophical & throughout; Clean and tongue-tied care & other; Jiayi zhang in “off” and then did not like the others, texting, make a phone call to comfort me, don’t talk to me more, but I can feel his ubiquitous concern, he silently brought me big jujube, millet gruel, etc from his hometown of local products, with the help of the diet, my body began to slowly recovering, he said to me, & lsquo; People go to the world, is for the experience, no matter what kind of problems, is to help you grow and progress. & rsquo; I think he is a philosopher, gave me great spiritual support and help. Throughout the &;