Liu bolin “hidden in the city” : use brush, finding the meaning of life and love (FIG.)

18 of laid-off urban camouflage

urban camouflage of 2 home village

urban camouflage 71 of forklift truck

liu bolin figures with paint and behind the same environment, when they do not move, you almost unaware of their existence.

when you walk near from the city’s landmark and trace, be careful liu bolin, because, he suddenly walked out of the background and you a fright.

it is the most proud of liu bolin series, called “hidden in the city”, he himself painted with oil paints and behind the same environment, when he didn’t move, you almost unaware of his existence.

in the bird’s nest, in the tower, the site, in front of the old slogan & hellip; & hellip; Left a liu bolin, everywhere is everywhere. Is almost in an instant, busy generation to read his voice: yes, in the rising of cities, we are not hollow man? History will remember the great buildings, who can remember us? So-called the meaning of life, the so-called comfort of love, they really exist?

modernization steps in a hurry, there is always a voice tell you: you are not unique, you are just one of many tools that you have no self & hellip; & hellip;

liu bolin in the struggle with a smile, when dignity are the lives, and art in bemoaning the helpless.

how many years later, how can we tell later today? In an era of collective show, what is not disseminated by utilitarian? And when we grow old, take a lifetime, what left us?

in 798, visitors from shenzhen to buy pictures of liu bolin, liu bolin asked why, he said: my age with you, I know what you are trying to say.