Liu huan gala sing “kiss” because don’t know taobao body as “zhen 嬛” soundtrack

before “Zhen Huan biography”, “beijingers in New York” is also done by liu huan all the music, it is a still sounds are all good but at the time of the original.

often appear with a serious attitude of liu huan have a temperament middleman side once in a while, a few days ago, sing to rise in gao works music conference, he was able to solve rope, like heavy metal lead singer who got mad.

this year CCTV spring evening, liu huan with latest work “big love” back into the public eye.

“plainclothes police”, “beijingers in New York,” hu “” lotus lantern” “water margin” & hellip; & hellip; Written by liu huan dramas or perform music, has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people for years. Recently, he finally in long hung in the new & ndash; & ndash; The biography of Zhen Huan soundtrack album. Liu huan said, film and television music very hard, but to hold & other; Be xiaolong zheng on independent & throughout; . As a veteran in it, for the body, to the play Zhen Huan white on the status quo of film and music industries, the eldest brother also have a lot to say.

take & other; Zhen Huan & throughout; For good work with music and the fire

the Beijing news: what do you think of to do music for “Zhen Huan preach”?

liu huan: I do not do this thing for years, too hard, and the last time to do such music or “hu” in 1995, this is false by the xiaolong zheng. I’m very interested in Chinese classical themes, this time to try something new, some songs and music in harmony, the use of transfer, still be subversive.

the Beijing news: how xiaolong zheng director turning you on?

liu huan: we “beijingers in New York” in 1993, when they know the friendship for so many years, he is very trust me, I also believe that his work. Is very important to me to do this thing is worth, if it is a good work, can I add the fire for it. Guide the early stage of the work is in place, zheng story really well, also very compact, actually this kind of story is easy to water injection, but the cut is very compact, Zhen Huan white some set and even the whole set I can’t add into music, doesn’t even have a space to leave me.

the Beijing news: the process of writing music difficulty?

liu huan: I was in the United States, my wife read the adaptation of the script, I also know the general character. Back to do music, more than seventy sets, got more than three months. Before I had go to hengdian to see for a day or two, mainly is to look at the scene, because the music sound field size to same size and scene, or you will not feeling well.

the Beijing news: you usually watch TV? As a spectator, you don’t think “zhen 嬛 biography attracted you?

liu huan: TV sometimes follow my wife to see, I seldom see myself. I initially told the zhen 嬛 biography is a little question, the original time is uncertain, zheng guide stick to it and associate specific s, at first I don’t think it’s necessary, because not sure s can find their way to the creation of art, clothing, the concert has a special big space.

but now, it seems, zheng guide is right, the story becomes very solid, has credibility. I think the story was so clever, power of the people and things are true, harem are compiled.

status soundtrack composer for far less than the actors

the Beijing news: compared to you before the film and television play theme song, it is thought that the biography of Zhen Huan song wouldn’t be easy.

liu huan: zheng guide also a bit afraid of too high at the beginning, he said I was the only net I write about what they can sing (laughs). Actually I was not going to sing songs in the play, I said, this woman’s play house, what I sing. Zheng guide insisted on by me to sing a song, he said, that a room full of women, not is also around a emperor!

I don’t think words and music is a bit too popular, but the problem is not big, because this special fastidious the lines in the play, I don’t want to get a vernacular song, will suddenly jump out. Besides, this song really have so difficult? Can now cast will sing?

there is now a discriminant popularity standards, was karaoke out, think only good read, but it is not so, Whitney & middot; Houston’s most people also can’t sing, but also not prevent spread. Actually from many thing everybody can sing, or to be a professional singer?

the Beijing news: in the 1990 s, the film and television theme song is full of big-name singer, now less and less, do you think what reason be?

liu huan: the reason is very complex: one is that general cast and reluctant to put a lot of; Still have even if you can’t listen to, television broadcast, once in the opening credits, advertising is set up, there are only pictures on a plaster, some simply cover even the sound; Another reason is that now the media is fragmented, audience’s concerns many, network is not like before now so fire, television stations broadcast a good show in town, after a play out, full avenue to sing this song.

the Beijing news: what do you say to the cast and are not willing to investment is very big, is why?

liu huan: this is determined by now broadcast TV procurement platform, procurement value only actor, director, nobody would buy a play for music, some producers to compression cost, will sacrifice some parts.

a line of the composer to the TV series now, a set of services is only a small percentage of Hollywood actor, recording and production costs are more poor. Let me do this, for example, completely just because I want to do, like to do.