Liu qian road to fame difficult once took to the streets to busk gala success because grow handsome


editor’s note: this is liu’s fourth time on the CCTV Spring Festival gala, liu and li yundi crossover performance also become a highlight of the snake Spring Festival gala. But then, liu qian for fun in the show li yundi & other; Looking for leehom & throughout; Lines, the truth? The secret of success in the magician CCTV Spring Festival gala on four exactly is what? Liu qian have little-known road to fame? Let’s go to reveal.

liu qian gala lines & other; Looking for leehom & throughout; Suspect

according to golden sheep eye network, one of the biggest concerns of the CCTV Spring Festival gala of this year, is the magic, magician and li yundi cooperation performance because of liu qian is poking fun at li yundi & on the other; Looking for leehom & throughout; Caused quite a stir. First is the Spring Festival gala of directors on weibo statement, said the lines is the performer own idea, has nothing to do with directors, and will be deleted in the replay; , liu said on weibo, their every line is discussed, alluding to someone lying; , more someone on twitter legend, therefore, wang in the Spring Festival gala background slapped the magician a mouth. Though this rumor is wang and liu qian successively tweeting, denied in the form of speech, but did not prevent rumors escalating, instead. (People’s Daily online channel culture comprehensive spread the word source: golden sheep eye network, kwangmyong)

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recently, liu qian long agent release weibo, four points to clarify. Statement that is not a magician performing, it is, therefore, before a show at the li fang proposed talk can to wang lee hom, reason is that more booth. When both teams at the scene, li fang put forward why not mention wang lee hom, because last year’s effect is good. What is special agent discreetly asked each other, so really don’t mind? Return is a: no problem, don’t mind! So they did as agreed upon in the said. A happens, immediately call the other agent, liu qian also personally call li yundi, hope each other to clarify for them. But each other although oral promise, finally also just said on weibo cooperation, and not to the truth of the matter, so that all sorts of rumors and negative rumors is more and more serious.

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liu qian denied performance & other; Miss & throughout; With jokes hype

it is said that liu qian fail in the performance, so the hype about this distraction. Said in a statement, in fact, liu qian himself and magic world professionals both at home and abroad, this is liu qian has one of the best works in the Spring Festival gala. In addition to the hyperbole effect of grandstanding and variety of humorous language, to give to you this year is more than 20 years of the basic language and art. So I choose the most basic card and familiar & other Changed the living & throughout; As a subject. Hopes that by basic and simple material performance art and beauty. Liu qian won last year in the United States Hollywood magic industry’s highest award, also held on the stage, private, do not need to rely on a joke to hype.

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liu qian will continue in the lantern party appearance

it is worth mentioning that liu qian was tweeting on February 15 make evaluation on your performance this year: & other; Know about me or magic friends must know that this year’s Spring Festival gala is my most satisfied, one of the most attentively. My life most of the effort, is reflected in many of the details on the nine minutes. I’m very happy. Throughout the &; And director of the gala ha also interact with the magician in the weibo, forward his this weibo, and ask: & other; Yuanxiao program is what? Throughout the &;