: liu qian will attempt to set up the magic school has take awards a lifelong regret

just Hollywood magic school in the United States to get & other; The annual magician & throughout; Award of liu qian, tells the story of his mood. Liu qian said: & other; The day for me the magic master mark & middot; Wilson was the first foreign magic show to Chinese people. The gain & lsquo; The magic world academy & rsquo; Prize, I have this life lived. Throughout the &; At the same time, liu qian also said magic in the future will no longer to win as the main goal, but in maintaining the level of performance at the same time, try to set up the magic school.

he said that may be no magic schools across the country before the nobody dare to determine whether you need so many workers. Currently the only magician assistant, didn’t really enlightening, to this, liu qian explained carefully & other; The teacher not only to teach disciples magic, but also responsible for his life. Often someone will find me to word, but I’m not ready yet. Throughout the &;

since 2010, liu qian is basic stopped the show on TV, because he has always believed that the magic is the most correct way of viewing it is good to watch it again, and be sure to attend, can most directly experience the magic charm, otherwise we are lost the most essential meaning. For April 28 to 30, will play four games for three consecutive days at Beijing’s poly theater magic show, liu qian said: & other; Performance is the beginning of my tour in Beijing two years ago, it has been all over the world has experienced the baptism of more than one hundred, the show from the technology and choreography has made great progress, integrated into my life stories and experience, the effect will be even more shocked. Throughout the &; This came to the scene audience all have the opportunity to stage magic, collaboration with liu experience the extraordinary performance.

in addition, with liu in the movie “my” have a good cooperation and get the magician & other; Chuan throughout the &; Wang Hangeng popular small days, in the television to liu qian magic as a big beauty of Vivian hsu and actress li bingbing, huang xiaoming, and many other love magic of mainland and Hong Kong and Taiwan star also said in the performance of liu qian.